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Seeing yourself?



Has anyone had an experience where you have seen yourself? I heard of the man who was walking along the road and saw an older man pass by on a bicycle. They both looked at eachother with a strange recognition. Years later the man was cycling along the road when he saw a younger man, his younger self. He remembered the incident and realised what had happened. There was another case of someone catching themself on video. I find this fascinating. Has anyone else had an experience like this or know of any other? Any ideas on causes?
Hey, wasn't that in Back to the Future 2?

I have seen my future self. Right before my grandmother died in 2000, all the doctors wanted to continue doing what wasn't working in an attempt to save her life. (I don't understand their reasoning either.) Except one. He looked just like me, except that he was 30 years older. In the waiting room, he always sat in the chair where I couldn't see the right side of his face. I have a small scar on the right side of my face. (I fell when I was 6.) The only thing is, I wouldn't do that because I would come back to a completely different future. So maybe it wasn't me. But that would be an amazing coincidence...
I had a dream in which I flew out of my body, out of my house, and flew over my city. I went to a strange house for awhile, met dead relatives and had normal dream-like stuff happen, then the last thing I remember before I awoke was an odd image of a red knit dress on the floor of my bedroom, which had been there for awhile and I had forgotten about. When I woke up, there was the red dress on the floor. I didn't see myself that I recall, but I had been trying to have out-of-body dreams, or astral projection dreams, and I think I accomplished it for sure that time, because of the red dress that I saw.

The spirit can dislodge oneself from the body. If you feel an odd vibration as you are drifting off to sleep, you are most likely beginning a state in which your spirit can unstick itself from the body. If anyone has ever had a near death experience, they are most likely capable of this phenomenom. Whether you are aware of it or not. People who often have "flying" dreams are usually quite capable of reaching this state quite naturally.

When I was about 3 & 1/2 yrs old, I was hit by a car, and I clearly remember looking at my body on the pavement by the front bumper of a car, I remember looking up at the big white car that hit me, and I remember an older gentlemen walking towards me, that I asked my parents about later, saying he was the doctor, in a tweed coat and a wool hat and tan corduroy pants. They didn't know what I was talking about. I think he was my great grandfather whom I have never met (in real life). I belive this, because of the clear visual memories that I have and my memories of the strange questions that I asked after the episode. And because years later from seeing a photograph of my great grandfather, and knowing he was the one that I saw.

But these are dream/near death issues. Meeting oneself as if your older self has been time travelling are another matter alltogether.

The appropriateness of chance is astounding.
I saw a coppy of myself, which in this society is refered to, as one's dopple ganger.

This guys name was Eddie Waters and was always either fifteen minutes before I would get to some place or five to ten minutes after I would arive at some place.

I once was washing my car and some guy came up to me and asked if I was Eddie Waters and I said, you must have me confused with someone else.

This guy thought that I was playing a game with him and persitted in a line of questioning.

I still had assured him, that I was not Eddie Waters.

It seems that within the design of society, that genes float freely and start their own heiarchies with some of our genes in them.

I don't know, call it the postman or milkman factor, or genes started in the country by chance? These genes do get around and a coppy of yourself, in the gene sence only in in the anty, sometimes.

On seeing yourself, via time fold, this electrically can happen, if you for some reason enter a time fold and see youself. Don't approch yourself at this point.
My opinion on this, though I have never had an experience like it, is that someone seeing themself is like a knot in time. Time is linear (or so we theorize). Suppose there was a knot in it. One part of time would pass over itself. The person who sees themself, for some particular reason, has been chosen by God to be able to recognize a glitch in time. This does bring in the argument, if you are a Believer as I am, of the infallibility and inerrancy of scripture, which states that creation was perfect; therefore, there was no way God could have screwed up. So either he did it on purpose to teach a lesson or to show his power, or it is just a strange bizarre coincidence that you happened to see yourself on the street one day.
One day i was at my fathers house. i was about twelve years old. i was looking through my fathers photo album and i spooted a picture of someone who looked just like me. my father told me that it was at my grandmothes house. the girl looked as though i look now but the picture,i hear; was taken about a year before that! isnt that strange? when i questioned my father about it, he said he didnt know who it was but that it looked like me. that girl looked alot like me. i think it was me! i am not to sure. i think i am disoriented or something. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif
i dont know but thats an interesting thought,if youcould shake hand with the past or present you....i dont know.do you have any theories? /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif
Hmm. I've never actually seen myself, so I don't know if this is true or not. I tend to think it's not, since if two people as strikingly handsome as myself existed in the same universe, it would overload the thing and it would explode. ^_^ Hehehe. But seriously, I've never experienced this myself.
There have been numerous occasions where people are driving along then suddenly buildings appear and other things change for brief moments, turns out that they may have temporarily seen an imprint of another time period. Its possible that at the location the person saw their older self on a bike that the area isnt stable so to speak and imprints of other time periods seep through - they arnt actually time travelling they're just seeing another time, for example its like super imposing one image over another.
I mean if you think about it if time is an illusion then right now all of 'time' is happening simultaneously.
so you are saying that it is possible to 'see' other time periods without actually traveling to them? how would that come about what would the condidtions have to be like? If time is is simultaneuos then couldnt we change certain parts of it at the present time? or travel throught then at a certainn time?
Im afraid its all just hypothetical, if I had the answers i'd be the greatest scientific mind of our age and science as we know it would be drastically altered.
Like Etheric projection, I can do it, but how it is accomplished I havent the faintest idea.
You cannot see yourself so to say, however, to blend in with the current time, sometimes members of the Federation (see the Time Travel board) will find a future event on their computers, and disguise themselves as a person in an event yet to happen.

On my last visit to the past I visited the year 1973 and stayed for about 4 years. During that time I met a person who looked exactly like me, well it was actually another Time tourist disguised to look like me. This way they would blend in, and I would know that the Federation had someone else stationed in this time.

It may sound confusing, but it is not...

One thing I will tell you, is when encountered by yourself communication is extremely difficult:
The closer you are to yourself, the more the psychic part of your brain functions.
You already know what the other is about to say, so speaking aloud is difficult, but if you're ever encountered by yourself there is an important reason... so keep eye contact and say what's on your mind.
Oh yeah, I'm fairly certain we've all had these situations, and it's pretty weird! I remember when I was young, I think it was some kind of celebration at my house and my whole family was there. I was out of the house for the longest time, and when I came back in, everyone had the strangest look on their faces. The asked me if I had just come in a minute ago and I told them otherwise, that I was off playing. They explained that they saw someone that looked just like me, only older walk in, say hello, look into the refrigerator, pick up a soda and then walk out saying good bye. It was the weirdest thing I ever heard. I thought they were joking, but they were serious.

I let ideas like that settle in my mind, about the alteration of time, seeing oneself, seeing other people and such. I've experienced a lot of things like this before, off and on, much like how others here have explained it. I know friends that have had a certain car and remembered how they looked when they drove it ETC. I remember times when I'd be walking through my neighborhood and I could swear I would see them, THEM FROM YEARS AGO, driving away from up the street where my house would be. I've seen things like that, things like seeing vehicles that looked strikingly like what I used to drive, being driven out of my neighborhood by someone that looked strikingly like me from years ago. These things are incerdible and seem rediculous, but I have to admit that I've seen similar things.