...Seeking An Inter-Dimensional Docking Platform..


Temporal Novice
"...Let's see if there are any manned docking stations at this Site. It seems like all these sites set out the bright lights, but..."

I'm an Enlightened soul (Shift Traveler - Harmonics Translator) coming in hard, because I can find no clearance upon this rock pile ( Earth Logos Mark II) to initiate Inter-Dimensional Communication. The Airwaves are clogged with Atonal sludge - The Whales are lucky they still have the dense waters, in-which to transmit communications at their level.

Does this Site contain a High Initiate or Adept, who can relay as a Connector, so that I can add the answers to Physical-Ethereal Dimension questions put towards my physical nature regarding some Enlightenment Flashcards I have Designed for Initiation within this Time Line.

I am looking to fine tune these Harmonic Symbols. I need a contrary input manifestation, in order to pinpoint and secure Specific Harmonic Firing Sequences (The 20 Cards w/ Equation card are done, but for a Physical's interpretation and interaction...

I am Indigo Level . As should be aware, this Dimensional Harmonic Time Line of Causality is nearing its Orbit of Completion As the Harmonic Shift approaches... I have Designed these Cards for Quick-fire Initiation, to be learned for Use in Periods of Crisis. I need to work One on One with someone to test all angles for 'leaks'. A rapport, A debate, and a Time Tennis Match all condensed into One is what this union will entail.
Whoever considers their self worthy will, I believe, be mildly amused by just how far reaching the Dimensions are...But I definitely would prefer a Shifter, because of the Initial Depths I am endeavoring to relay, some beyond physical sight or sound, but being implied through sublimations of varying Color Harmonics

These cards will probably seek to be published as I have a few projects I need to achieve.
The Knowledge + Understanding = Wisdom Base of this Site looked Promising.

This Mission is very important for this time frame Chronology. My Physical Nature has been in Training and Battle for a long time to achieve this Harmonic Union. Books are as lead weights to me now. The Fellow Mind is my Library. If the Connector is True, I should be able to interact with their Higher Nature, from which I will be able to draw Energies similar to the sling shot effect of Gravity... I'm hard-pressed to tell that these cards, the book (another project I need physical input on), and just surviving at this dense level, have put me in serious need of a booster to lift my orbit, or I'm going to come in like a fireball.

The river flows, but for the rapids of wasted time...(this detriment of time line existence)

Any Body out there? MayDay.....MayDay

Fear not, I'm just frustrated I can't find a soul on this level to converse and compare notes with...and I've traveled this World looking...they all seem to be too busy role playing at the doors of Yellow 5th Level...

Throw me a docking rope, if somebody is interested.
Re: ...We cant helpyou at this level:

Log-in, get an account introduce yourself.

Post your question within paranormal and you might get an answer?

Earth is in trouble right now.

People, most psychics arte not very conversive at this point in time.

We here are tried of self ego trips.
Re: ...We cant helpyou at this level:

Your immediate assessment is Dead Wrong.

These Cards will be to Help Man Jump as the Harmonic Shift Enters.

I am well aware of what actions are becoming upon the Earth.

I am of Origin Thought and am too far within this mission to be deterred by errant Attitude.

This Docking Bay has shown itself to be of Negative 1 Origin and will, within the arrival levels, be so noted.

Any One who can read the gist within my prior request for Assistance is welcome to contact me.

It is because I do know what is occuring, how it is occuring, and why it is occuring that I will persist with all the Wisdom and Love for my Fellow Souls that I can muster, while I am busy within this Time Line preparing others for the shift.

(personal to Creedo299) I am of the First Wave - Indigo Level3 - I'm a real one Buddy and you better start learning to recognize us, if you're to be of any use - Egos can't Shift - That's why they sit in Judgement
Re: ...We cant helpyou at this level:

The thing is Chas, is that levels are levels and not necessarily assigned to you?
Re: ...We cant helpyou at this level:

If you but had a clue at how I have struggled to break through the Illusions and Deceptions of Society to reach this level. I do not mention being assigned here at this Level as this is only a transition segment within the INDIGO Harmonic of Light.

I am working on my Violet Introduction. I am speaking of a Dimension, which doesn't perceive Time as you do.

Time is an orbit of causal change, once it returns upon itself (full awareness), it shifts dimensionally into a higher state of existence...This works at all levels of tranlation.

Bottom line is that many follow the Time Line equations and I follow Spherical Expansion Equations...Big Difference.
Re: hoax

Ignorance is Bliss and Cruel, until the Day of its Rude Awakening.
And then will the Hoax become Exposed in all its Glory
The Wretched Shame of worms left sqirming in the Desert Light.....
Lying makes Baby Jesus cry... /ttiforum/images/graemlins/cry.gif

If you want to pretend you're a time traveler, go play on a MUD or MOO. We're trying to conduct research here.
you are so sad man... get a life

you already exposed yourself when you said 'gist'. No alien says 'gist' unless they know slang terminology. Your sloppyness of hoaxing has led to a phychological profile of you being created.


Has no life, not too smart
Has no backround in science fiction, by useage of interdimensional docking platform
A 'real' interdimensional docking platform would not exist in space, and might not even exist in time.

Not thorough

it's really amazing how all tehse time travelers/aliens/beings from another planet or dimension have acsess it computers and know about this website, doncha think??
I think I may be of service. Provide me with your X, Y, and Z coordinates. I will bring you in with my Flux capacitated Tractor Beam. Please just give me time to re-stock my plutonium.
All you really need to do is get the Delorian up to 88 MPH before the cytron finder releases partical waste to the determination regulator, the only negative result is a scrambled co-ordinate indicator.