Seems like old times, and this is not Niel Simon:


Epochal Historian
Looks like the new guys on the board are replying to older subjects as there seems to be a lack of innovation in creating new subjects.

The Titor debacle placed on the board, complete with new insults, is an example of this.

Also indium replying to Swift Info, who does not seem to be here anymore.

This might mean that there is a lull in time travel, or time travel related technologies per say?

Words of warning anyone visiting here, make sure who your talking to is who they are and not a wolf in sheep's clothing?

Some of the aims against TTI here may be paid off elements or newcomers, with not so pure images of what the status quos should be.

They wave to the work, insult you and seem to want a standing in TTI for nothing.

You know who you are?
Ah the art of subtlety.

And it's Iridium...not indium, please and thank you. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Now I admit two I am new here. Two, I did not realize the date of the thread I replied to when I lamblasted swift info. I am not used to a slow moving board where old topics get upped after nearly half a years time.

I assume you mean that he is no longer around as I appear to be live and well, thought at the same time new.

Now, with that, I will introduce myself. My nick is Iridium. Why? It is is a carry over of my early IRC days and has no specific meaning other than I think it's cool. What is my experience with time travel? None. Do I believe it is possible? Nope.

Do I know much about the technical THEORY behind time travel? No, but I am learning as I investigate more. At this point, I seem more adept at pondering the philisophical side of time travel. But even in that, I am learning.

I will take the info I read on this forum with a grain of salt, as I don't know if you are a PhD in physics or a pre-pubescent teen who likes to watch the Matrix. I WILL call out fallacy when I see it posted, and in Swift Info's case, he was dead wrong. Granted, he was wrong 6 months ago, but hey, if I can just get a time displacement device, I should be able to go back and confront him on it then, right? Riiiiiight.

So, for the time being, I am not going anywhere. I will still lurk, and occasionally post.

And as for standing with the TTI...there is such a thing? LOL! /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Iridium says>And as for standing with the TTI...there is such a thing?

Creedo answers>English, a minor pint really.You could have said; And as for standing with TTI, there such a thing?

When you say standing with THE, this could be interpreted as a persona, such as standing with TTA, or TTD, or some such other web handle that has been used here.


Biblic>>Oh master' their armies are great and powerful with many chariots.

If we offer resistance they will overrun us and we will all be slaughtered in the efforts to maintain the fortress.

Master replies:We will offer no resistance then and let their fearless army come in to the fortress walls.

After a few days when night falls, we will give them wine from our casks, then assemble the counteroffensive which will come at them such as Hells fire in the night.