"The future ain't what it used to be."

Selfish people from the future



Why haven't we come up with reliable time travel yet? It's because the future is selfish. If they shared their technology with us, then they might be faced with the dilemma of us becoming more advanced than them. They leave us in the dark to fend for ourselves. But, occasionally, a student comes to learn about a certain subject by actually being there!
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Why be around the bush…? Just come right out and say that you want to Time Travel. It’s only obvious that you want to go to the future, and play with all the new gadgets.

I guess spending hours at the Sharper Image and Brooks Store just isn’t enough for you.

Why don’t you create some of the stuff now, and stop whining that they are so selfish for not lending you their ray-gun.

I heard once, from a very reliable government employee
(I can’t say where he works or who he is). But he told me, “Knowledge is power” and “If you set your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.”

He said that to me, because I would always take naps in his class. Oh well
, but it’s good advice… You can do anything you want, and if you feel you are being held back. More power to you, try harder.

And if you still can’t… At least you would have tried, instead of not trying at all.

what you need is wisdom not knowledge. while your trying to build your time machine some of us are leaving our bodies every nite visiting Mars and Venus. Go ahead and laugh time travel activist. I wish I could take you with me but ya gotta believe.
Now Dorothy click those red heels together and we'll fly home.

Or maybe it is our own selfishness.

Who is the future, who creates the future, we, of the year 2002 creates the future. Don't blame them for your own selfishness.
Are you quite through Clara?

Is it all out of your system yet?

You know, with all your rhetoric fortune cookie wisdom, you've been doing tonight on all the threads, you really have a knack of being presistant.

To bad you have it all wrong... Your really not well informed about things are you Clara? Your blindly attempting to strike at me, with things that have nothing to do with me.

For example:

<<while your trying to build your time machine some of us are leaving our bodies every nite visiting Mars and Venus.>>

What are you talking about? Are you talking to me, or Chris?

I'm not trying to build anything (never said I was), especially not a Time Machine.

And what was your point about people leaving their bodies every nite?

<<Go ahead and laugh time travel activist. I wish I could take you with me but ya gotta believe.>>

Well what makes you think I never have? Maybe I been there, way before you have? If you read some of my other posts, you'd see that I mention I take strange trips through reality all the time.

Maybe I should take you with me, and probably get an accurate perception of it, for once.

But then again, maybe I won't. I can see you'll probably be a back seat driver
nagging me all the way. "Are we there yet?"

Anyways, it's off to bed, then MARS

Someday I will have a ranch waiting for me there when I retire
. Check out http://www.marsshop.com/ for details.

TTA are you calling me wrong thats a big step. Who in this universe says whats right or wrong,God? Im glad you saved someone from drugs and someone from taking thier own life but you have to admit it was totally their choice. You just helped them see the light or maybe claim their power. My point proved.
maybe you are one of us and don't even know it.
What do you think all those so called new age people are doing. They have come here to teach others to claim their power. They would be very proud of you for helping others. Maybe one day we'll all be off the karmic wheel. No more war, no more hatred just bothers and sister enjoying ourselves. Maybe you have hidden talents your not aware of yet. Just open your heart and let it flow. Everyone has a place were just not all in them yet.
\ clara
What is the subject here. To me it seemed ill-defined from the get-go. Anyways, a forum is designed to spawn discussions, and new discussions within older discussions, let them talk about whatever they please.

[email protected]
Wait a sec. Before you start taking credit for the activist work I been doing these past 3 years, just know this. I am not into New Age, or metaphysical concepts like you are. I am not helping out your group or any other organization out there, other then MAN!

Humanity is my religion. What you have, I don't know what the heck it is.

Don't try and affiliate your self with me sister. I am the TimeTravelActivist, if I don't want you as my friend, don't invite your self on over. For I'll give you the boot!

The only people I consider friends here; is CAT obviously
, Shadow (he's a grown on me) and MOP (he's not biased and judgmental like other forum administrators I know).

You Clara, I don't know what you are. But we're obviously not reading off the same book.

We can have a truce and talk about Time Travel just fine, just don't give me any of that goody good bull shit. It's not sincere -I don't buy it.

Especially not after your ranting and raving and exposing your hidden agenda of wanting to abolish religions.

The TimeTravelActivist says this, can we get back to discussing Time Travel on this forum? Or must I be forced to keep arguing with you Clara
? Either way, the TimeTravelActivist is in his element.

Take care,
Ok TTA You rule the world and this web site. ya'll be stuck in that bubble forever.

Hi Clara' I thought that since you had been so kind in the tallying of dreams, before the issue goes completely out, I thought that I would give you mine.

I dreamt that I was making a poster and this posterboard was in white.

I guess this posterboard was about a foot by a foot and a half long?

I was writing a letter of complaint about there not being a space transportation system to the current president of the U.S.

I even remember drawing a newer generation hydrogen slush vehicle on the poster board.

This was a protest post card, that I was going to mail to the presdient within my dream.

The dream ended when I woke up and I thought, why even try to do this, as all presidents are programmed any way?

This dream coisides with both corruption in higher places, the alien phenominon, where humans seem to be only cattle for more advanced alien races?

This is said to use and an ever encroching mass population problem, where the population seems to be getting larger and larger, without current Earth based man being able to explore space.

A while back, I had posted this concern to a group known as Askme.com within their phylosophy section.My said was, as it is a bad social manifold where a system in sociology increaes in size, however the nature of this system does not change.

"Then what happens Clara"?

Well since it seems that we are living within a society, that is always going to explore space, however does not due to apparent corruption, then what do you think is going to happend next?

It's not me saying this Clara, however proven studies of what happens when socieites in general fail to innovate.

This is what has happened to a lot of past Earth socities as they have not been able to innovate and change their situation and therefor have died out.

We the U.S. are in grave danger of doing this, as what we have for leaders want the status quoe, in order to keep them both in money and in power.

They have absolutly no intention of letting the population expand to either deep space, or Mars or the moon.

For one reason, there are already base secretly held there.

However by and large, they are not ours.

The second problem if you enter the web serch word, hidden alien bases, is you will find some seventy hidden alien bases.

Some of these bases I'm not sure what their trying to prove.

Some of these bases had been built at assisting tax paier money, at the cost of billions and billions of dollars.

I will tell you that why the re-engineering programs that they have are going wrong, is that man has already beeen adultered by past alien influence.

So the hidden aliens attempt in modifiying human DNA is akin to a mule being made.This is that the process is a one time steril product and two mules can't breed by themselves.

Our basic modifications have been made millions of years ago, by a special breed of visiting alien, that in the physical sence, had modified us up rapidly from ape-like man.

So this gene is already in the physical sence within man.

So when you have the present day aliens trying to still modifiy us even further, there is a rejection factor.Additionally' if you have a few generations that their gene takes in human alien hybrids, after so long, there come a DNA rejection and this new temporary line dies out!

So the golden question should be aksed about and concerning Earth based mankind; is what is the value of Earth based mankind and would our long range picture be differnt, if the aliens were just to leave here and we as Earth based humans by the heiarchy were permitted to explore space on our own?

I feel that the answer would be, is that Earth based man would survive.

However as it is structured now Clara, I'm sorry, the situation does not look very good.

We have another current wondferful presdient who screaming, "Everything back to normal, make more money, make more money"!, when everything is falling apart.

This is why the subject of John Titor is so provocative, as the spectre of a possable N war arises.

I dont, DO NOT approve of these type of excahnges as a way to thin the population down and I will tell you why.

Even when supposedly clean nuclear wepaons are used, there is a lens effect form, due to spent nuclerar isotope particulides.

This layer after a nuclear exchange stays aloft and everything benith this layer, recives a radiation treatment, due to the act of the sun shining down through this raidoactive layer.

You would see the same effects, as show in the ABC special, The Fire Unleashed.This is where near the Three Mile Island in Pennsylvaina, you have very high rates of very rare cancers, plus dandylion leaves, over a foot in lenght, due to vented raidonuculide particulation.

All over this planet, you would see mass changes in both plant and aninmal species.

In all probable effect, Earth based man as we know him, may well die out.

Even the hidden alien bases here now, could not use stollen human DNA materials as they are reported to do now, due to gnetic structure damage, of the gene because of remnant nuclear isotopal radiation.

So if what John Titor or whoever this guy says is true, hidden aliens might be wise to call it a day and leave now.

Cut their cost and vacate the bases, as in the future tense, there will be nothing left here for them anyway?

Is the venture of exploring space inportant in the face of leaders such as at the head of the Federal Reserve and Congress and the house plus other who supposedly rule this society?

You tell me my fine freind Clara?

I want to thank you for having the courage to take concensus of dreams.

Good socitial systems thrive on new ideas, where free expression of ideals and phylosphies can be excahnged...Clara?
New ideas heck yea I'm all for it we will never survive without them. what gave you the idea I was against any new ideas. Thats what claiming our power is all about. Letting go of the old ways and forming new ones . Head on into the future. But just remember we have made huge mistakes in the past so we need wisdom to go along with our knowledge. Also how do you ever think you are going to get rid of the status quo. Maybe by taking their positions in the future thats a start.
It must be true that not only time travelers are here but others as well. I have heard that some are not manipulating DNA but are actually turning on DNA that those in power a long time ago turned off in order to control man. Maybe your ability to astral travel, ESP, romote veiwing and other such gifts where tide into that DNA. If you could remote view you would have known what your government was doing with your tax dollars a long time ago. Why do you think they continue to say it does't exist. Because you would have the power not them.
I had only posed the constriction of society as a problem placed upon itself, no reference to you, although I did want to have your feedback?

How did you guess that I'm more than skilled in the number of areas that you had mentioned?

Very good guess.

I will tell you Doll, "no offense intended there" The government really does have alien bases and cobases.

The late William Hamelton had conserativly figured only a couple of million of our tax dollars to keep these slop-pens going?

The real of it Clara,is try a couple of trillion?

FROM THE TERMINATOR:"Are you Clara Conner?

Clara:Why yes I am, can I help you?

Terminator:Well hasta la vesta baby, here is smashed cream cheese placed upon your chest.

You have now been cheese-in-atied.

I'll be back, but never on Tuesday.

Please laugh' life's so boring!?
The point is, that government should ber more sereving to the people who place elected officals in their offices.

Not a situation to where government can pretty much do what they want with the tax paier's money?

As the situation stands now, the prospect of exploring space near and far, looks pretty bleak!?
Do you have any clue as to why we are not allowed off this planet. Because we have not gained the privlage. We can't even get along with our neighbors much less the universe. The same way we try to protect ourselves from people like Osama bin Laden they are protecting themselves from our foolishness. We are still in the adolecent stage. The teacher is still watching . When we grow up and graduate we will be allowed to join the Galactic universe. It is up to future generations to continue learning so we can meet our brothers and sisters from the stars.
They are waiting patiently for our return home when they can embrace us once again. So don't blame the government .It is up to all of us to wake up and start the healing process.
And you didn’t go through with Heaven’s Gate, because?

Give it a rest Clara, I wish you knew what you sound like.

Your just so lucky I am busy this week, to show you and shut you up.

But come this 3 day weekend, I may do just that

Why this great need inside of you to shut me up. And what after me. Do you plan to shut up the whole world so you will be the only one talking. Are you Stalin or Hitler reincarnated, could be, and in that case you will never shut me up. We will travel to the ends of time in this dance of duality. I am about freedom, you are about control. I guess if we were in a room together you would have already come across the table to kill me.
Sorry it won't happen using this computer. Thanks Bill Gates. If you do not want to hear what I have to say then simply do not read my post. on the astral plane you carry blood shot eyes and you are just as controling but you were surprised when I recognized you and dashed out of your grip didn't know I was that powerfull did you. Well over the past few years I've had some pretty wise teachers.