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Separate thread from politicos

At this time what is being observed in the U.S. are a new series of international trends.

In the art aspect of these trends, there were warnings placed in art, in the late 1970s and early 80s.

There was also litititure, that extolled a new sense of adventurism, as told by some authors.

The warnings about new times and obstacles to come, were placed in the, Alien series of movies.

This series of films had stared a woman as a central charticer.

What is more important about these movies, is a new type of reality storyline, where it seems in a way, fiction becomes reality.

There are now English lititure courses taught in colleges and universities, that use the Alien storyline backdrop, as precautiuonary indications of how we may as a society be treated in the future.

The illumination of this series starts as, in the very first of the series, there was an ore freighter crew, traveling from point A, to B, but di urring their hyber-sleep trip, the company awakes them, to investigate a signal anomalies, on LV-4, a distant planet, which is in another system, outside Earth's.

What happens after the crew awakens, are a series of arguments, then an attempt to get at what the problem is and was on LV-4.

This is a fine movie which details very intricate story telling, which in some respts barrows from the Barry Sullivan and Barbara Steel movie, Demon Planet, shown years before.

The effects of this movie, are both austere and haunting, of a ship that had landed on LV-4 before them. Giant anthropoids, who vainly try to tell others in an undecipherable alien coded language, that under no circumstance land on this planet.

The rest of the movie mimics PMS as after a very efficient shark-like being, enters the main orbiter ore freighter. Officer Ripley, must find a way to extract herself from this situation and try in some future tense, to tell the world what has happened to her now demised crew.

This series of movies trys to tell the viewer a few things.

These are; Don't ever completely trust large corporations or companies with your well being or safety.
They sometimes don't care weather you live, die or are eaten.

2.That all governments and companies lie through their teeth, so you can pretty much expert this, as a company employee.

3.That even in the face of something horrible, that company will try in any way they can, to make a profit off that horrible thing.

4.That please, by all means try and save your as*. As in the end, they are running from what they had gotten you into too, such as a creature that bust through ones skull, eats your brain matter and bleeds an acid which eats through the hull of your space craft.

The other movies in the series, illuminate other issues, such as the second, where the company will even kill its own workers, in order to gain something.

The third's, which is depressing where Ripley falls to the mercy of a prison planet, where someone must find their religious aspects, in the middle of attempted rapes, as well as their dignity.

The final is mother against child and the understanding that even the goofy military, is not even ever completely sane.

To the time travel historian visiting here, these series of movies, may in some part, give an indication of what social areas were are movieing into as a society.

At this time, papaloma virus is off the charts, with the young so involved in the nonprotected sex, as well as the making of pornographic movies let to the public.

There are now an estimated two million Americans as well as others in other lands who are to have been supposed to have been abducted by aliens and implanted with all sorts of transponding devices.

There is also the political sense, to where if you request sponsorship on a special project. Expect someone from some agency to warn you via a note under your windshield wiper, that this certain elected representative, as a certain kill ratio to themselves, to people who got in their way.

So these are defiantly very interesting times that we live in.

I would like to end this post quoting Richard Green the author of the going Into series, about the Southeast Asian Conflict.

In his book, Green sights a large convoy of armored personnel carriers plus tanks and trucks, in the early morning.Staged on the border between then South Vietnam and Cambodia.

Green says in his book to the effect, >As far as one could see down this road, were APCs, tanks and people on trucks, without insignias, huddled in the early cold dawn morn.

There probably was not one man perched upon these vehicle who did not have his mind racing as to why he was there, was not scared to death, or was wondering what the future outcome would be, of this incursion into Cambodia?

They were in the spirit of what if, the unknown.

This was also called the spirit of adventure.

There were probably many men based upon those tanks and truck that were scared beyond their capacity to hold in these feelings. However there was probably not anyone which in the 25th's Infantry Mechanized Division, that would have been anywhere else.

What in part they were after, was the spirit of adventure.

This is the stuffs that great tellings and novels are composed of?\\\\FIN

*Not verbatim, but pretty much what Green was trying to say.

The question is still asked, do we now go a whole new direction?