Shadow Person

I once upon time had met Shadow Person he or she was faceless kind of like that Slenderman creepypasta character,but with no black and white tuxedo without it completely(in case of clothes store shop at gallery markets mannequins are naked striped out)I didn’t come closer because I thought that person might suck me out like some sort of black hole or some sort of dark matter. Could it be someone somebody related to me? Could it be my own family relative? Could it be me from the very distant far future that present current day right now for him or her being the past?
People who know me know that I was really into this phenomenon in the previous decades. I first discovered it online around 2008 when I had a real traumatic experience where I was nearly killed by this shadow person. I was often dismissed, but I had given an interview to Jason Offut and I am not sure if he published this interview in the end or not, but I did give it and he might have used it in one of his books.

In the end in following years I did over time drop the subject and also the sightings stopped past my life in the netherlands, though they started in the czech republic. I had seen the “hatman” many times in my dreams even as a small child but over time I believe there might have been more than a single of those hatmen and that it also had to something to do with my repressed memories and also because I was covertly used for MK Ultra-like experiment that got dropped/discontinued.

I am very traumatized and it makes it uneasy for me to open up again about this especially after I was ridiculed. But hey…I do have to say this. I have not experienced anything like this quite in the last decade though. And some of my memories are missing/sketchy by now but this is how it is. I did tell Jason I believe that I believed such similar attacks like the one I experienced ended up in deaths of the people involved. coincidentaly in 2013 they released the shadow people movie about this subject but later framed it as entirely fiction even though they clearly based it off these sources and the book of Jason Offut was credited as one of the sources.