"The future ain't what it used to be."

Simultaneous Atoms



This is just a theory based on some thoughts I had. I already typed it, but lost it because I do not have a password for my username, so it didn't let me post with since I had preregistered the name I entered. Said to use the back button, where upon doing so my text was gone. I will try to post it as close to the original as I can...

Anyways, I do not have much background with time travel. I only recently started thinking a little about it after seeing mention of it on a Stephen Hawking site. Here's the idea...

Suppose that all atoms in the universe are numbered. Each one has its own unique ID number. Any given object could have its atoms catalogued (hypothetically as this would be a huge task) at any given time. (The exact atoms within objects, especially living objects are dynamic.)

Now suppose that we have a potential time traveller. A catalog of all the atoms in the time traveller is taken right before they are to depart. They travel back in time. However now there is a conflict -- many of the atoms catalogued as being in the traveller may (and probably are) located in other places back in time. This would suggest that the same atoms are in two places at once, in the traveller and in something else (i.e. a tree). Now either this is not possible, or the traveller is creating matter as he/she travels backwards.

Again, suppose time travel is possible. Suppose that atoms cannot be in two places at once, and that atoms cannot be created/duplicated. I would think in such a situation, the time traveller would disintegrate as they travelled backwards (as would any 'time machine' they might have). However, if they travelled forwards into time the results could be different. Supposing that the future is not already laid out, or has happened, then atoms would not be preallocated or have any guaranteed destination. Then the traveller could travel forwards without conflict. Hypothetically, the traveller could travel back to their starting position from the future when all the atoms in their body were not present anywhere else, and not a millisecond sooner.

Any thoughts, criticisms are gladly accepted. If anyone can find any holes in thie theory, I welcome hearing them. I'm new to this whole thing, and have probably overlooked something somewhere.

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Your ideas are extremely similar to the ones I have recently begun thinking about. You proposed the problem of reintegrating yourself back into a tree, now of course this is quite possible but consider the possibility of going back, say just one day. Now most of your molecules(probably 99.9%) will still exist in your own body. Therefore you basically assume the position of your former self as does the time-machine assumes the same position of the original time-machine of the day behind.
Now the obvious problem isthe fact that your brain will be that of the one day ago version of yourself. What I hope would occur in this scenario is that the jolt from coming back from the future would be sufficient to let you remember why you came back. Otherwise you are fucked repeating the same process over and over again.
Could two similar objects exsist in the same time period? Possible. In the same space? Maybe in an alternate timeline, but what about the same timeline. Would the extra mass from an object push another object out of time? Would the object be destroyed? I would hate to think what would happen to a living organism. If it was a living being, which one would be destroyed. If the past organism or object was destroyed what happens to the future one. Would the destruction be instant or would there be a gradual collapse. Could time accept extra mass from a another point in history. If not what happens to the extra mass. If so then that would prove each nanosecond would also have a certain weight during that time. This starts to enter the Unified Field Theory and I don't feel like touching that subject. Boy, this one could be interesting.
you know that there is a all knowing god that has numbered all the atoms and gave them names. if you travel back in time you and posibly be dispursed and you can be a tree or an animal.
but i don't think so and that is my opinion
traveling foward is another matter. you still have the trouble of the same atoms and yourself but older even if it is only a second. i don't think if would be very good to meet yourself.
i'm also new at this thinking of time travel so is my opinions is off based please forgive me

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