"The future ain't what it used to be."



I have a question, if this John Titor a TT, what computer system is he using when he time travel. Also, I would like some genuine proof of time travel and not words. It appears to be alot of typing and he said she said stories, but where is the proof?

I was alwyas curious....okay, he wont tell us thing that we can profit from. That sucks, but fair enough. He wont tell us things that (to paraphrase) allow us to avoid a death or cause a death. Okay, still sucking, but still fair enough. But why could he never once make a vauge statement about an upcoming event which would not violate his personal time travel ethics? (becasue it would have exposed the fraud).

Such as: "On September 11, 2001 the east coast will experience an intense event." A statement like this does not give enough info to either profit nor escape or cause a death, but it would have been exact enough and state in such a way that there would have been no doubts what was being talked about and that this person knew something.....
I see the tears,.. you cry, I see the pain within your eyes

so many times, you were so lonely and no'one seemed to care

If all the hopes for tomorrows are drowning in your sorrows, then let your heart, show you the way.....

From the Title song Love will find a way, second side of recording, (I can't slow down), as performed by Lionel Ritchi.

The funny thing is, I feel that he was singing this for this period of time were in now?


When the Atervi came to Earth for help with their rebel faction, their space ship and station was so large, that it blotted out the sun, from a small sized U.S. state.

The offgroup, as the Atevi main group had revered to them, was so weird, that they had defied imagination.

A school teacher posing as a weapons expert and an animal behaviorist specializing in felines, were the only translation link to a largely misunderstood culture.

The Atevi were a tall nubian cart-like race, that had only a sclera for eyes, with no discernable pupil within them.

They seemed mentally distant, almost all of the time, as if caught in a daydreaming muse.

Just when you thought that nothing was between the ears, something inside of their giant nubian's skulls clicked in and they did something.

This one time, as good sized seven footer, simple decreased the distance between his thumb and forefinger.This was at a bar so closeing the throat of a punk biker, in Los Angeles.

Everyone had to yell at him, so he could get out, before the police came.

The war was not understandable at times.

It seemed that the offgroup all peaceably sat at a table, with smiles on their faces; then rose to go off in separate quarters, so pulling out blasters, at which point they would kill one another.

On this day, there was to be a big event for the Earthbound NAACP, interviewing the extremely big and onixed Atevi.

The intyerview was in one of the capitol offices, as part of a race understanding relations promotional.

Helen H Johnson was the rep for the NAACP and made her attendance to the Atevi, so sitting across from the seven foot tall hulking female, from another semi-dark matter world.

The questions were carefully thought out and placed before the Atevi ambassador.

The first question was, what do you think of Dr. Martin Luther King and what he has done for people of color within the United States?

The offworlds ambassador simply tilted her head from side to side, picking with her immensely large fingernails at the inter-race relations folder.

After a minute's time, at which Helen seemed a bit pensive, answered only, That's,........... nice.....".

The NAACP representative also inquired to the Atevi ambassador, well what did you think of the battle CD, Glory?, which has starred a very renound Afro-American actor.

In an almost drug induced state of mind, with the whites of her eyes portraying no indication at all of what she was thinking, she simply replied once more,"Too much blood spilled, but the flags were very pretty"....?

At this point Helen's eyes narrowed and her anger management was under the best of her control.

Helen curtly replied, "Thank you"! as she tuned in a slight huff to leave the capitol office.

Gaining the distance close to her personal assistant, Helen said under her breath to Al Joffers, "How can anything in this world, be so big and stand out sooo black and have no idea or application of what people of color have gone through here on Earth"?

Al inquired to the apparent disarray of Helen and said in a calm collected voice,"Maybe she did not understand"?

Helen shot back, with apparent anoyment, "It was as if I had wasted an entire hour talking to someone's family housecat"!

An interviewer caught the two descending the capitol steps to the NAACP limo and asked how the interview went.

Helen was outraged at any more dealing with these beings, and ordered the man from Jet, to get the Hell out of the way.

In their twilight of Earthbased man's very limited understanding of what lay well beyond the limit of the blue horizon above him. There was never any assurance that Earths culture would ever understand everything, or anything about near or outerspace.

This was another of God's marvelously placed puzzles, with beings from other worlds asking for help.This was a situation which poor Earthbased man, still did not even grasp the nature of the questions posed.

In the months to come, the links of deciphering how the Atevi thought and their behavioral antics would unfold, became center stage to the diminutive, lowly placed Earth culture.

In the earlier main world Atevi wars, there was under one extremely large moonlight night, that a wounded translator, rested his neck and shoulders, on the hulking mass, of another Atevi friend.

In that moment of intercultural understanding, there was a quantum gulf, which had been crossed.

This gulf crossed as clearly every event within the mammoth universe could be bridged, by the simple act of endearment.

>>A once proposal to author C.J. Cherryegh, for the continuation of the Foreigner series, The Off world Cult, ventures, with again a new set of cowboys