Sliders type theory


Temporal Novice
I am new to this board, and the whole John Titor thing. Interesting, it really is. I am not to bright in the area of advanced science, just a Sci-Fi fan really, so I am not as bright in the area as most of you probably are, but I do have a theory so please hear me out. This post is in response to the people who think John is a fraud and someone is making it up using a book to help him. It could be, but this is a shot at what might be.

Anyone ever watch the TV show Sliders? A quick run down of the show is a man makes a device that allows him the "slide" through dimensions. Every dimension was similar in a way but also different.

John Titor talks about how traveling time puts him in a different wordline by a 2% difference of his own. He starts out in 2036 and then goes to 1975 which is a 2% difference. Then he goes to 2000 another 2% difference. That might be serious change don't you think?

Now to explain why I brought up the show Sliders. In one episode the group slides to a dimension that the copies of themselves are TV actors that are acting out a story of their lives.
There is a chance that what is real to him is just a book to us.

Thanks for reading!