"The future ain't what it used to be."

Solution to the "Grandma" paradox


Solution to the \"Grandma\" paradox

Here's where Original time makes a lot of sense:

The universe just got a lot weirder.

The word "Universe" means "all that is" or "all that exists" and that constitutes everything that did exist, and will exist through the infinite reaches of time.

Thus, there is no such thing as a "parallel universe" or "perpendicular universe". Everything is "The Universe".

So, when an object accelerates and remains in the same timeline, it moves.

If however, if an object accelerates and DOES NOT remain in the same time line then it will remain stationary.

I'm talking about moving through "original" time, or time's third dimension.

In order to travel back in time without leaving your current position, you must travel through original time.

This will have the strange effect of putting you in a different position in original time, where everything conforms to your original point in time, but if you change it, it will have no effect on "your" past.

Thus, to go faster than light through original time instead of imaginary time, one can change history and choose whether or not they'd like to change their own past, or live in a world where the Nazis never killed any Jews or the Pyramids never became defunct. This way time travel WILL NOT CHANGE "YOUR" past. It will change the past of the timeline you move to, but the timeline you came from will remain the same.

If you were in fact, to retrace your tracks through original time, you'd eventually find yourself back in a universe where nothing has changed.

So go ahead and kill your grandmother. You will not *poof* out of existence, you will simply change history of a different timeline such that you were never born. The matter that would have made you ends up getting used for something else.

Even better... marry your grandmother and father your mother, who in turn mothers a new child.

Fortunately, you are still not your own grandpa, you are simply the grandfather of a new child in the different timeline.

By this example I do not wish to condone incest. I simply wish to illustrate how three dimensional temporal mechanics can allow you to live in the world of your choice, without changing history so as to alter your own origins.

As a matter of fact, if you were to go back in time along the same timeline without changing history, you would, in fact, create a singularity in which you both exist and don't exist at the same time, much like the universe does.

By going back into the past without leaving the same coordinate of original time, and changing history, you would in fact, split the two timelines and continue to follow the new one.

Here's something fun to do!

Want to know what your significant other would look like if you were moving backwards through time relative to her?

Just look at a negative photograph of her. That's what she'd look like.