Some new ideas of mine about Time travel


Temporal Novice
Ok, firstly i believe in the idea that time is relative, ie the closer you get to the speed of light, time slows down. This would mean that at a point infinitely close to the speed of light, time would be almost not existent. I believe that once light speed is achieved you would leave the current time continuum and enter a "zone" where time no longer exists. when you slow to below light speed you would reenter our time continuum and a amount of time relative to the time and speed at which you left would have passed.

I realise this omits the infinite mass theory which i can also explain. The idea is this, different substances have different speeds of light, we know that in a vacuum it is 186,000, but say some form of "subspace" exists where the speed is greater say 200,000 then as we approach 190,000 in subsapce our mass is not infinite, it has probably not become hugely different(no pun intended) if we were then to reenter normal space we would have passed the speed of light here and mass would remain unchanged, we would also instaniously leave the time continuum and enter the null time space described firstly.

These are just some ideas i had i would just appreciate any feedback on them. Tim