Some Social questions for Time Traveler_0


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Some Social questions for Time Travel 0
(I may have the wrong person in here, sorry if I do.)
What is the popular music like? I assume that Classical music is still around (Mozart, Beethoven, ect). Is it basically the same old, rock and roll, heavy metal, country? Are there any social prejudices? Is that on the decline? What is the health care system like? If I needed to go to a hospital, what should I do or expect? What is the entertainment industry like, movies, tv, radio, internet? How difficult is it for someone to start from nothing and get a job and make a living for themselves? Now for some slightly different questions. If a group of people were to travel forward in time to avoid a situation, would they be still be able to live in relative peace? Or would they be looked down on for that? Should they just keep that a secret to make things easier?

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If you read back fifty years in history books, and try to make up questions people living during 1945 would have asked, you'd see how impossible it is to formulate questions that people from the future would even recognize. "What are the most popular radio programs?" would be one. "How many horses do you own?" would be another one. "Does your family have indoor plumbing yet?" "How many of your brothers and sisters have died?" "Have you ever been to a big city?" "Have you ever been to school?"
If someone from 1945 asked me those questions I could easily answer them and understand what they were talking about.
The questions only begin to get complicated to ask the further your visitor from the future would be. 30 -40 years would not be hard. Now if our time met someone from 8000 something then it might be a little difficult where as you might have to ask your questions using telepathy and thinking in pictures that they may or may not even recognize. but even then as alien as it might seem I bet you find somethings familiar.

Hi how are you doing?
Timetraveler_0 should be back by the end of the week. I think... dont hold me to that though.

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True, but my understanding is he is still in this world-line but he is busy right now.

I cant really speak for him Im just relaying what he said in his e-mail.

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To the person who is continuously trying to break into my computer when i post on this site:
A.) You are beginning to irritate me.
B.) You are wasting your time and will find nothing.even IF you get pass my security system everything of importance has been deleted from my computer.
C.) Your IP address AND your physical location has been recorded by my security system. If you try to break in again I will post all this information about you on this forum.
Go ahead-try me..think Im kidding? here are your first two numbers: 63.



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I agree with Pam. The span of time I am interested in short. Maybe 60 years at most. The questions are valid and even if he dose not understand the question, he can ask me to re-phrase it or even say that he dose not understand it. That is an acceptable answer.
Just to side track, I was getting stupid instant messages from some one called warpigs22charlie. Maybe this is the same jerk messing with you Pamela. He said he was me in the future...can't be that far in the future or he'd be dead and I'd have had a sex change! HAHAHAHA