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Something about John Titor


I was just browsing through some of the stuff and pictures, when I cam accross the mysterious one about some expired insurance. I thought the date was odd, and when I checked, the insurance expired two days after his last post. The registration was also for Florida, and I think that the car it has listed there may be the car he used to get back, as he said he sold the other car. Or maybe it was the insurance of the car he sold? Just thought it was interesting.

Unfortunately the document is fraudulent. The first several characters of the VIN number of the vehicle are exposed and the rest are blacked out. The vehicle information indicates a Chevrolet - but the first characters of the VIN don't match. In fact the last three characters are entirely made up and don't match any model GMC product at all.

You can do a Google search for VIN decoding and find the information.