"The future ain't what it used to be."

Something to consider...


Hey everyone, I'm back from Fla.
Hell of a time...

Anyway, on to the post:
I was thinking as I sat in Fla. watching the Time Machine on HBO (The recent one) and had an epiphany... How could someone in todays world actually make a time machine, I don't think if I took a couple magnets and some atomic power I would be thrown through time. I don't think that we have the tools, ability, or maybe even the matter to create it. I could be way off on this because I'm not a theoretical physicist, I'm just speculating.

On a different note, has anyone heard anything about this new movie called 'The Butterfly Effect' because it seems that they just took basic time travel theoretics and put a teenage idiot in there... I'm just wondering if anyone knows what kind of research they might have done, if any, for the movie...
glad you had a good time............where exactly did you go in Florida?

anyways......I think our government hides many things from us, and I wouldn't be surprised if time travel was one of them. Now I am not one of those people that beleive the whole aliens at area 51 thing, but I do think other things are at area 51. Such as the "aurora" which can supposedly reach top speeds of 5,000 mph. But I would say it is perfectly reasonable that we have some kind of high-tech thing going on over there.........time machine or no time machine, I would like to know what it is.
I was in Orlando for 3 days, Everglades for 1, Miami and Boca for the rest.

On the government hiding things from us, yeah, they definetly do... but at the same time they 'try' to tell us the truth. For example, Area 51; The supposed hanger 12 was it? The one they keep alien bodies in? hanger 12 doesn't even exist, it only goes up to hanger 11...
The government has come out to say that there is no such things as aliens, nobody believes them because of area 51. But the government has admitted to using that in a time of crisis to distract people from the larger issues. Because right after the event took place the bovernment was the one to say that there were aliens there. The places that people 20 years ago say they saw UFO's, that at the time the gov. sai they were weather ballons is usually false. They were testing high powered ships for NASA, and most of the footage has come out. The only people that really tried to create a UFO were the Nazi's, but they couldn't get it more than 10 ft. off the ground (History channel).

The people at SETI and other orginizations know this, and they disregard what the crazies tell them, they think like I do. But at the same time, I, like them, still believe that aliens are out there... If we can exist so can they. I know that we think alike because I know 2 people on the team through my grandfather (did some engineering on first unmanned probe to mars).

I do believe that things like the Aurora bomber are out there, though 5,000 MPH is a bit much, the G's would get you. There is a ship in the videogame C&C Generals called an aurora, wonder where they got it from... hmm... But at the same time, I used to think the government was trying to subliminally send messages to us through the movies, not like flash things, but get us ready for the notion of things... Example: There were I think 3 movies out around the same time as 'Deep Impact' About meteorites hitting the earth killing everyone, 2 of the movies were the meteorite hit out at sea.. How do we know the gov. found out about this, and were taking care of it, but just in case, wanted to desensitize us; of course this doesn't apply to all movies, just some. I know it's paraniod and crazy, thats why I don't think it anymore. But att he same time, is anyone really sane?
Yer, machines wont play a big role in time travel. Instead natural space phenomena will, like worm holes and rotating black holes.