"The future ain't what it used to be."




Time is a safety lock that has been put in place by our creator, for our own safety. Like the bible code, this safety lock will be cracked in the future, when it will be of any relevance to us. The universe as we know it can only be perceived in three dimensions. As the late Albert Einstein was starting to cotton onto, whilst we use our limited perceptions, we will get no where. As soon as you start thinking in four,five and six dimensions upwards where time is not relevant we will begin to see that time travel is indeed possible, but we were created such that we can and only ever will(in our bodies) be able to experiance three dimensions. The future has already happened hence such things as deja vu. I believe that after the big bang comes the big crunch. The gravitational pull of the universe will stop galaxies drifting apart, then start pulling them back together again. Everything in life is in cycles. Nothing dies. After the big crunch, there will be such a concentrated amount of energy that it will become unstable and explode, therefore repeating the big bang.