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SpaceTravel aspect



if you travelled back in time, where would you be in space? that is a question that i've been looking through threads about. it seems that relativity doesn't hold alot of ground yet on this issue. suppose that earth is moving through space at 300km/sec. who cares? we don't feel it. as far as anything is concerned, the sun is rotating around us, while the other planets are rotating around the sun. we could very well be the centre of the universe. its all about relativity.
now, suppose we could time travel yet again. if, in 10 years, the earth did travel some billions of miles from where it was, does it necessarily hold that the time-warp "tunnel" will go to that exact place? why could the "tunnel" not hold its "volume" rigidly? who's to say the exit from the warp isn't going always be spacially relative to the entrance? if the warp were rigid in that sense, positioning would not be a problem. just a thought.

This has been discussed and there is a link to Mad Scientist which has the best guesstimate for how fast Earth is moving through the Universe.

The way I understand wormholes is that they are supposed to allow you to travel to another point in space-time. So a randomly occuring wormhole could take you anywhere and anytime!

I have never read anywhere how you would control the space-time location at the other end of a manufactured wormhole. What dimensions or qualities of the wormhole would you need to modify to point in another direction or time?

Has anyone else found any info on the engineering specs for a wormhole?
Just a thought.

Like a satellite transmits its beam, it knows where you are at all given time. It is almost always attached to you. The beams circumference or rigidity will be programed. IE you will always be within its walls. You will not be able to brake through its walls. Or it will always follow you.Or the beam will get longer as you go further back in time. So you will always be connected to it.

Another way to look at it, would be to, imagine time as the film on a video cassette. The beginning is always connected to the end.

Now you can rewind.