spherical 4th dimension

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In conventional models, gravity, is thought to just be a dent in the space
time plate. which is flat, and malleable.A black whole is just an
infinitely deep chasm in this plate, but what if the space time plate,
were a sphere in which the whole 3-d universe rotates around. Also, if
this were true the singularity for any black hole would be the singularity
for all black holes, leading to a an almost super singuality. This makes
sense to me, because if there are alot of black holes in the unverse , and
they all have infinitely dense singularitys wouldnt the space time plate
have a tendency to warp immensely because of the huge gravitational pull
between singularitys.Any response to this would be good,im kinda new.
But wouldn't that mean that all the black holes in the universe are sucking in all the matter in the universe even as we speak? Including us?

Didn't someone actually propose this quite a while ago? (20-30yrs)

Maybe it's true. It's just taking a while. (Another 60-80 billion years or so.)
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i should think that black holes are sucking us into to them. If their force is so strong, they would have to be, no matter how minute the force, it would still exist.
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The moon is gravitationally attracted to the earth and yet it doesn't get closer to us and is in no danger of colliding with us.

This is because the gravitational pull of the earth is balanced by the centrifugal force generated by the moon's circular motion around the earth.

My understanding is that most galaxies have black holes at their centers . The stars in each galaxy are constantly revolving around the black holes in the center.

It could be that the gravitational pull of the black hole at the center of our galaxy is balanced (for most stars) by their centrifugal forces. Occasionally an asteroid or planet will be knocked out of its normal regular orbit and start heading for the center, but most of the stuff just goes around like horses on a merry-go-round.
Black holes DO NOT have infinetly dense singularity cause if they did they would emit an infintly dense cloud of gravitons and if such where true every item with ANY mass in the univers would feel an infinetly powerful gravitational atraction to the nearist black hole no matter how far away it is from the black hole. so in conclusion black holes are not infenitly dense all thou they are extremly dense also this would cause belife that a singule singularity would not be possible.
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wouldnt the density grow infinately because of the infitite matter the black hole consumes?
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As the black hole would consume more matter yes but ould never reach a point of infinite mass... and many things would just rotate around it in orbit and not get sucked in