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SQR's - Communication through Natural Standing Waves in Space!


SQR\'s - Communication through Natural Standing Waves in Space!

There was mention in science journals many years ago about being able to pick up radio broadcasts in space back in "Time" to the earliest ones, I think the following captivated this idea in order to record all converstions and store them into the quantum vacum of space.

Purpose? - perhaps to reduce expenses and make it easier to track & record us? who knows however the bottom line is just what this global economy is driven on none-the-less.

SQR's - Communication through Natural Standing Waves in Space!

Institute for Space Quanta Research
SQR to headline a World novelty via "Communication through Natural
Standing Waves in Space!" - See Our new G-Com Technology! Oliver
Crane is no longer alone with his hypothesis about standing waves in
the Space-Qanta-Medium. Dr. rer. nat. Hartmut Müller, scientific
leader of the Institute for Space-Energy-Research in D-82515
Wolfratshausen (Germany) demonstrated a new possibility of wireless
communication during 10 minutes without electromagnetic pollution
from the nearby village Bad Tölz (south of Munich) to St. Petersburg
(Russia) on 27 october 2001 over a distance of 2'500 km.

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