"The future ain't what it used to be."




The 'multiverse' theory is one that I feel is no less credible than any other temporal mechanics theory. However, it seems that a lot of people have jumped onto this particular bandwagon without any real thought to the fundamental basis of such an astounding prospect.

Lets face it, it's a pretty stupendous idea on the face of it, but that doesn't mean that it can be a pure flight of fancy and vehicle for any half baked Sci Fi writer. It would need some pretty hefty foundations in scientific theory.

I have always been extremely fond of Star Trek, having followed it through every incarnation. I've always been aware of reasonably large inconsistencies and the odd whopping faux pas, but I still find it so entertaining that I frankly don't care..

It is inescapable though, that it tends to throw in whatever scientific theory is currently in vogue, even though they occasionally contradict what has gone before. The preoccupation with tachyons(sub atomic particles which are supposed to only travel faster than light, but are totally, completely theoretical) is fine. But the time travelling/alternate(mirror mirror)reality side is often, though extremely entertaining dramatic licence, scientifically operating on a childish level.

I find the idea of alternate realities that simply exist to play out every single decision made by everything in the universe, frankly a little hard to swallow. I'm much more conviced by the possiblity that alternate relities are exclusively the result of a time travelling incursion. An awesome cause and an awesome effect.
This is to do with the general nature of time travel though and as I've stated before, inherently rules out the circular single predetermied universe.
They both state that you obviously can't alter the past of your native universe, but one states that the very act of time travelling is integral to your timeline, fulfilling fate if you like, while the other says that it isn't. Hence you can't appear in your native past, because this would alter it (your very presence), instead you appear in a new parralel past etc etc..

The poor old scientific advisors to star trek either didn't realise this, or weren't listened to, as we have seen evidence of both theories , but as I said Star Trek is still ace..

It's just too easy to theorise that there is infinate parallel realities without considering the powers that would create them..(A bit lazy?).