"The future ain't what it used to be."

Stephen Gibbs


I listened to the radio interview of Stephen Gibbs pointed to by a number of links, and all I can say is, how stupid can people be? He says he's sold 4 to 500 units of a 'time machine' which has never been proven to work, for which not one shred of evidence has ever been brought forth? That's a lot of gullible people, at $300 some odd dollars a pop. From the interview, and the other stuff I've read about him, the guy seems like a complete moron. He is unable to give any hard evidence for his claims, even though it would be easy to obtain if his devices worked as claimed. And he gets hopelessly muddled when dealing with paradoxes and the strange effects he talks about, consistently contradicting himself and making himself look like a fool. I just hope that no-one who follows those links will believe a word of what that guy says. And, I hope for his sake that he kept his job at the 'packing factory' or whatever it was.
The whole Gibbs story doesnt add up to me.
but he has a lot of money now and maybe that was his goal all along.
the second story on there is really interesting though about the car appearing and disappearing from another time. http://www.strangemag.com/highstrangenesstimetrav.html
there doesnt seem to be any hidden motive there but to tell a strange experience that happened.sometimes it has been witnessed by more than just one person and they tell the story just in hopes that someone can explain maybe what happened. Ive read hundreds of storys just like this one there seems to be somthing going on in this area where things temporarily appear and disappear-someone seems to get caught up in another time temporarily. they ALL cant be hallucinating.
there is too many people experiencing it and no hidden motives but to find out the truth.sometimes they tell the stories at great risk of being made fun of or thought crazy. but they cant understand what has happened themselves and they feel they need some kind of explanation to understand it all.
I think something may really be going on in this area though.
thanks TIME for posting that link.
Call me skeptical, but I too, have read that car story and find it a bit difficult to swallow. A woman and her kid in a car, whose front license plate is readily noticed as being 1940? O.K., maybe, but from 1940? Technology, being what it was, must be one hell of a time warp.

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"they ALL cant be hallucinating"
Sure they could. Plus, once one event like this is reported, other people often copy it or convince themselves that it's happened to them. It's one of the things that makes psychological studies so tough to perform.
there were two people in the car witnessing the exact same event. you are very good at math, what are the odds of two people hallucinating the exact same event with all the details at the exact same time?
oh, I forgot there was a third person behind them in another car that witnessed the same thing.
the only other thing you can say is they made it all up. couldnt have been hallucination. the odds are too high.

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This is exactly why most people won't report phenomena. The few that do are publicly mocked, thus discouraging others from speaking up.
sometimes people wont beleive things until something similar happens to them, the reason is... they can't relate to it.

"the truth is out there...."

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Mathematical odds? The truth is out there? Does there not exist the possibility that someone, plainly and simply, lied? I am not saying that is what happened-I wasn't there. I remember when I was in high school, I read in the local newspaper that my good friend, Mark, shot a hole-in-one while playing golf!! This was witnessed by his brother, Paul, another good friend of mine, Bill, and two or three others, in a separate group. I still remember the picture in the newspaper, that of Mark and his brother leaning over the hole, clubs in hand, and big smiles on their faces. Later, they told me how much fun they had, not to mention all the attention they got. They lied! And so did everybody else!! No matter, for a brief period in their lives, they were heroes, at least to some. Still skeptical? Yes
Sure it's possible they lied, JTH40. Anything is possible.
heheh I can tell you have never had any strange or unusual time distortions or unexplained phenomenon in your life.

But if you ever have any you would never tell anyone you would be too afraid they would not beleive you.
There is alot of things happening to people out there. Alot of unexplained things.
You shouldnt beleive everything you read but
you have to keep an open mind.
Sometime, someone might just be telling you the truth.
Never tell anyone? Why not? I already have, that of actually talking to my father, shortly after his death, in a dream. Was this actually real? Probably not, though I sincerely believe it to be. I know I am contradicting myself, but this is how I feel, and have related this to my wife, my mother, and several others. I think it is terrific to hear from you, Pamela, especially so late in the evening.

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Okay, maybe that particular case wasn't a hallucination. But it's still explainable in other ways. And most (not *all*) of these types of report are explainable without resorting to paranormalism. As for the others, maybe we'll be able to explain them later. There have always been aspects of the human experience we haven't been able to explain at the time. In the old days it used to be attributed to fairies, monsters, wrathful deities. Nowadays it's aliens, time rips, etc. The paranormal of today is the science of tomorrow. Just because now the paranormal explanations have a pseudoscientific basis doesn't make them any less unlikely.

And as for being mocked for claiming to have seen a car appear out of nowhere, well, you have to admit it sounds somewhat silly.
and because of all the cases I've read on this happening to people after someone close to them dies, I sincerely beleive you. never had it happen to myself but My best friend, Julie had an experience like this shortly after her mother died. Most of the time I found it is to let the other person know the person who passed on is ok and it is ok to let them go and go on with life. sometimes it was for a final goodbye. or comfort.
Good to hear from you to although Iam going to be awfully tired later ..cant go to sleep for some reason.

I agree Janus "the paranormal of today is the science of tommoro" and "the science fiction of today often becomes tommorows reality."
I just read the thing about the "misplaced car". I doubt the car was a time machine.
I've heard about things like this. People have reported 'slips' in time. Most of them can't be proven, but travel in space has been reported more than once. I read this on about a man in the 1500s who somehow ended up thousands of miles away, across the ocean, in an instant.

He was captured, and they verified that he was reported missing soon after they arrested him. That means he went halfway around the world faster than anyone could think possible, at least with the transportation available in the 1500s.

Anyway, it's not travel through time. But if that could happen, why not a woman and her son? Out for a sunday drive, perhaps, they happen into the wrong place at the wrong time, and end up in...the wrong time.

They didn't stay for long though, they dissapeard soon after the two gentleman witnessed them. Perhaps they went back, perhaps not. I haven't read any report from the 1940s that suggests they made it back.

This seems to be a common thread. Most people who report phenomenon like this say that the (plane, car, person) dissapeared soon after. Maybe this is because the object becomes "charged" soon after entering, and when it dissapated, they...whatever. Or maybe it's because that way you can't prove it, IE Good Hoax.

If I had to give a place where I think a concentration of these 'portals' would be, I'd have to say the Bermuda Triangle. There's also a Devils triangle exactly opposite the Bermuda one. This makes me think that the going ons within the Triangles are natural, since nature loves symmetry.

Now not everything that goes in the Triangles dissapear. In fact, most don't. I think that whatever 'activates' it is probably celestial in nature, perhaps depending on positions of planets, or maybe the moon.

Anyway, I've gotten so far off topic I don't even remember the question, so I'm going to wrap it up here.