"The future ain't what it used to be."

Steven Gibbs and Time Machines



Well, Im going to ask one simple and straight foreward question.... Are any of the "time travel" devices that Steven Gibbs has created, actually work? Please don't get off the subject. I just want the answers and evidence if possible. E-Mail me at [email protected] if you have any evidence of any sort.
He is able to travel through time,

why elsse would he have been held hostage in a government lab?
did i mention that this lab is being used by the tta?
and tazberg who really is a 13 year old kid who simply has a low i/q.
and gibbs is my contact for stopping the tta from destroying time.
If Gibbs was held hostage, may I ask what kind of ransom was requested?

They tried to pick me up too, but they backed off when it was revealed that I had a note from my Mom, giving me permission to think about what ever I wanted.
They were going to kill him, no demands
and im serius about this
the tta traveled back in time and attempted to "blink" me out of existance, and nearly succeded.