"The future ain't what it used to be."

Striving to Understand Non-Linear Time


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A quote from the following link:

"Perception doesn't equal reality."

I'd encourage you to click on the following link, and then search for the string "Out of Linear Time" and begin reading at that heading. It describes a lesson in how, where we perceive that two events are "out of time sync" with each other, there is a larger dimension of Energy where the two events co-exist. If you ever hope to transcend our limited view of Time, these are the types of concepts we will all have to come to grips with.

Latest Kryon Channeling - Repeats some things I have discussed on this forum.

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Hi Keven:

Who says time is linear? We don't have anything to compare it to...
Maybe you might need a better understanding of what is meant by linear. Because most of us would agree that we PERCEIVE Time to be linear as a result of the way we observe Cause and Effect. One thing directly proceeds from that which came before it. The egg breaking on the floor is a direct result it having rolled off the table.

But having said all this... this appearance of linearity is just an illusion. In a higher dimension (of Energy) the broken egg and the unbroken egg both exist as a single "Energy Signature". When we transcend the "river of Time" that we are immersed in, we will see that this is true.

Time is not linear, time overlaps, has errors in it and sometimes other times fade into existing times.

You now realize this, but when you came here, you made fun of everyone's shoes??
You now realize this, but when you came here, you made fun of everyone's shoes??
Not really. You see, non-linear Time is and always has been a mainstay of my Massive SpaceTime tripartate orthogonal model.

I was mostly making fun of your communication style and your tendency to sometimes go off on tangents.