Strobelight Engine

Chris Ames

Temporal Novice
Does light have kinetic energy? When a jet flies by, we feel the rumbling in our chest, but what about light? In space, I therorize that if a strobelight was flashing at you, then you would move away from the light. As long as the object that you were moving had some resistance to the light, then it would move. This could be explained by the resistance caused by the light's weak surface-tension. That is a weak surface tension, but still there. This could be the transportation of the future when the intensity of the beam of light is greatly increased by a series of thousands of lenses.
Solar sails work on this same concept. I just did an article review on a small article from Astronomy magazine. Basicly, the photons that are in light rays hit the reflective surface of the solar sails and transfer momentum to the sail, providing it with 'thrust'. Depending on the angle of each 'sail', you can control your direction.