"The future ain't what it used to be."

Structure and function angleic hirarchies, as opposed to management



There geometrical proto structures are posted, as a universal lattus coordinate for any civilization, to understand what nonsame dimensional relations are about.

Beings in the galixy, may form in any shape and measure.

nonsame guidance or observation beings, may be repersented in any return effigey, to the concerned non-same dimneionsal, who officiate over each other.

In other words, in any frequency of reality.

There may be more than one god, however uasually God and those chosen gods, do have some type of distant understanding about each other?

There may at times, be a critical book, doctrin, published for some of a certan sect of beings, in order to translait other beings and this book may be translaited as doctrin.

There may, at critical near end point times, be contingency plans, where differing plans, outside the normal established structure, may come about.

There may at time, by a lack of communications, between God and gods, due to non-same similarities, inhearent within their physcial makeup structures, according to their assingments, within frequency.

There may at times, be an appointed interpriter, who validly and accuratly interprits actions of one real, either side, to one another.

In reference to the right to time travel, it may be that some certain beings, do not wish to, or wish to time travel, with certan regulations observed, as established by the unified written or understood agreements, of both said parties.

Not all arrangments, may be the same, in all places of what is understood, as to huamans here on Earth, as the classical religious heiarchies?

These are only coordinates and not strict unmoving principles set forth, by any religious dogma, regardless of the time and parties involved.

*Note with respects to proto socities, since the establishment foundations,must at times be stringent, the begining protocuiltiures, as it realits to religious deitiers and translations from said dieties, the proto structure amy be more strict that the later structures of that world?

In other words, the Indus Vally Culture, differs from modern India, in many ways.However some of the founding ways of culture,may be inhearewnt from the old Indus Vally area?

Or the city of Houston Texas, differs greratly in laws, social customs and other social handed down artifacts, from the area of Mesopatamia.

However the preceptsd of early Mesopatamian law, are the founding structures of modern law, as we know it.

However unrecognizablities between the founding and later structures of law, in some cases may be unrecognizable?
Renaldo, you said 3 days ago, in the Alien Influence thread:

*--Renaldo's goodbye"
You don't get it do you?

Your all stupid Earthlings that have absolutely no concept of what goes on past the blue sky of your atmosphere.--*

I thought you were leaving Renaldo?

Pamela and others have already told you to chill and not to worry about speaking about this topic. Don't worry
, I'll make sure of that.

Don't let us hold you back if you want to leave. You’re perfectly free to do so. But a promise is a promise, and you said you was going to leave. "A man is only as good as his word.” Titor said he was going to leave, and he did. A bit early, but left nonetheless.

Well, I just thought I point this out
… think about it.

-Javier C.

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Ah, but we all know Titor didn't really leave . He's still out there somewhere, watching, inventing.
On time02112s invention, that Pamela has made contact with Angelics, this changes everything.

You all should know, that this time, from the era of 1963, to the approximate year of 2002, is leaoff, or decision time for Earth based man.

The principles of goverment power or authority do not matter here, however what is important,is the ability of this time window and the peop;le within it, to make their proper decisions concerning their futures.

If I had not read time02112s disclosure, that Pamela was actually in contact with Angelics, and not physical body guards, and not looked into the web site time02112 had offered, youi would not know these coordinates.

I did not reinact the invention of old atomic bombs from the Atlamntis era.

I do not approve of canibalization of human beings for whatever pourpose by aliens.

I am not for a central power, which thwarts Earth based mans invention, of having the right to at least expore the moon and Mars.

These are not my doings and I hold no responsability for these acts of misjudgments and lack of forsight.

These prerequsites are only known to me and are way beyond any price and would have not been disclosed, if I had not gone into the web site offerd about Pamela, by time02112.

Although mispelled,what I have given in the begingin post on this page, is the entiire new right for Earth based man to realize his society and others around him differntly.

It is nothing more than a key.

Like other inventions,I do not care so much, how you use them.

I have only explained them here.

There are only two other persons outside of myself, other than Pamela, who I know of who have had key access reference points with Anglics, and subangelic heiarchies.

This information is now so valuble rewalized due to Pamela and her associates being decoded, that it is virtually without the ability to have a price placed upon it.

You said: *--If I had not read time02112s disclosure, that Pamela was actually in contact with Angelics, and not physical body guards, and not looked into the web site time02112 had offered, youi would not know these coordinates.--*

What “coordinates” are you talking about?

*--These prerequsites are only known to me and are way beyond any price and would have not been disclosed, if I had not gone into the web site offerd about Pamela, by time02112.--*

So the vide I’m getting is that you were planning on leaving, but now that you understand that Pamela had an enlightening experience with something, your staying?

And your motive?

So that you can exploit her?

Get her respect and admiration again?

Make it seem as if you know about this and what it means, because you know it will appeal to her.

Like I said to you before, it’s interesting how people come forward with this when it’s been publicly announced. I.e. The Movie Atlantis, Pamela’s experience.

It’s amazing how all of sudden you’ve become the resident expert in these fields in just a short amount of time.

And it’s not that I’m trying to debunk you, I like Atlantis and experiences like Pamela’s. I my self have had them as well.

But you sound more like a man ready to take advantage of people’s experiences and interest, in the hope that it will get you the recognition that people here gave Titor.

I’m on to your game Renaldo, and I will be there to expose you every step of the way.

Javier C.

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No read in the past said about Pamela, question,"Where is Javier and Pamela go, they had dropped off the board all of a sudden and both at the same time"

Where did they go?

Answer was then, possable hanky panky.

This was somebody elses opinion, not mine.

As Pam was putting herself accross, as of recient, was a bore.

Anglics do not always act as body guards,nor do they like to be refered to as such.

Secondly there is a manifold, where as piut down in Zacharia Sitchin's book, that the Heira, is always considered seperate from those who the heiarchy would control.

If I had said that I was an E.T. this would infract the old heira rule, which was established in Mesopatamina.

This is a complex social manifold, so one of the control aspects, sexuality, or sexual auras has been enacted, as a control device.

This would A. be my harrasment for being and alien, or of alien blood and going agianst the views of the Heira, which now-a-days is known as the status quoe.

This is indiferentation and occurs when one exposes themself with E.T. links.

The only way I could have decoded this, was with sexual auras, which is part of the old priest network, which extole biological intangibles, as a control factor for the masses.

Once this decode had been accomplish and I had redrfessed Pam in the social sence as a freind, then the wound or misunderstanding was healed.

So any form of consternation at this point is sencless, as now the heira is outmoded by this new information, of decoding the Earthman Angelic heiarchies new realtionship.

It's after the fact as two people had agreed.

This right away excludes you and any authority that you have now concerning this said.

Plus two, the tantrum at the temple, involving Jeasus Christ.

All my rantings involving the said demise of children and the language used, is nothing more than a modern version of the tantrum at the temple.

Now that the decodes arte apparent, this tantrum is also irrelavent.

All I have to say, is that Im sorry and how unfortunate.

No other reason than this is necessary.

The other two people who have had Pams expierences, are Betty Andreasson Luca, of the Watcher and Andreasson Affair series of book, and a Mr. Eddie Sosa, who is also a subAngelic heiarchies contact.

I myself have communicaited with Sosa.

It all over now,that the connection has been made involving just what are Pam's body guards.

This is a new era, as big and as important as the founding papers of law, from ancient Sumeria and Uhr.

I dont care as to whether you like me or not, or what you think my motives are twoardsPamela, or Luis Ruckiser for that matter, all now had changed with the decodes.

I think you finally made some sense to me…

So, in other words, your saying that Pamela's true body guards and why she might have said you'll regret you met her, are these angelic hierarchies you are referring to?

Tell me, can Pamela summon them to do her bidding and crush her enemies?

If so, I guess I better play nice with her
. Hehe. J/k Pam.

You’re a trip Renaldo.

Still, I think you’ve got a motive, and freak people out for no good reason.

-Javier C.
Our meeting was preordained.

This meeting was ment to happen long ago.

You got the statment this is begining to make sence, that's all you need.

Pam and I have recompensed.

There is no need for hierific confrontation and more.

Betty Andreason Luca, hypnotic regression after her contacts with Angelics.

"Yes they are putting crystal sensors into my spine somehow?

There are a set of controls infront of me and I can work these controls and it effects the sensors in some way.

Other examples Luca;This place they have taken me to, is huge and everything is almost an exact coppy of what is on the surface of Earth.

Cont.I had walked upon the walkway in this cavern and it is light as day in here.

When I had rounded the bend however, I fell in a pond upto my waiste,filled with water.

I get out, but the miniture drone robotic helpers, seem very concerned for my safty.

Other contact, Eddie Sosa;When I was a child raise on a U.S. Army Base,in Georgea, I went into a cave and met one of the first Elders.

This beings was a very tall and wore a white rob and seemed to know all that I was thinking.

There were other beings there too.I think that they were Angels.

Cont.I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and was set for restaging the very next day at a large hospital.

I was very depressed and began to pray.

For some reason, late in the night I woke up and instinctivly looked at the wall placed before the foot of the bed.

All of a sudden through the wall, as if it were a portal, the most beautifull men I have ever seen in my life, materialize through this wall.

They had carried a metal tray with some kind of insturments within it.

They came over to my bed and I knew they were here to help me.

Their hands became material, they had lifted both the covers back and my hospital gown back and had insereted a metal probe into my abdomen.

The next day the doctor had visitied me before the scheduled surgery.

He had palpaited my amdomen, in the aera to be operaited on.

There was no evidence of there ever having been any kind of condition realited to Hodgkins durring the exame.

Further test were done.

I was discharged thart same day, the physican declaring me in complete remission.

Now read Pam's encouters.

Add Time02112's encouter with Angelics within his back yard?

The last part of this discovery, is myself.
You said: *--The last part of this discovery, is myself.--*

So, you are here to get the recognition that people here once gave Titor.

Man what is it with some of these people here nowadays, if their not freaking someone out, their arrogant.

-Javier C.
No, this said, is a social decode, that almost got away.

Titor is a duffering set of principles, which has to do with a line in the future, away from some of the intent actually all five of us had fostered.

The two set decode boss, has been the book, Earth The Pleiadean Keys To The Living Library, by Marcianck.

This is as the corperalsand near semi sets, having to do with how eitheria is structured to Earfth based man presently.

The second is the newer decodes, concerning hwo the authoritive aspects of society had been one, encourtagfe by God himself,( this is either two prominat or three phased junctions) as opposed to decision time, which was from the years of 1961, to year 2003.

I don't understand Titor and could not live in his world.

So this means, in the time to come more than likly extraterrestial contact and a readmission for myself.

I have no idea what the heiarchy wants here on Earth any more and do not understand what they are trying to do??

Everyone is saying who has a time machine, who has a time machines?

Where is it or are they, is this goverment held or in a garage?

Answers yes, however there is also the Pleiadean bases near Heinwel, that has a myriad of large saucer craft, which are all time travel capable.

The space between the Pleiadeans and the Angelics, are described withi the text I have mentioned.

Have a nice Sunday J.C.
*--Have a nice Sunday J.C--*

Thanks, I will

-Javier C.

P.S. Just a thought, but do you have spell checker on your computer? Try downloading one, it makes all the difference.