"The future ain't what it used to be."

Successful Time Travel



youre all a bunch of losers who steal money from the future and buy food and stuff for your cats.
My Cat doen't think so, for he is not hungry. He plays with his toys quite happily and if we are losers we are very rich ones at that. Ha Ha! Of course, in truth I am not rich. I serve in the united states military as a United States Marine. I get payed 486 dallars on the 1rst of every month and I get payed 487 dallars on the fifteenth. I have a 360 dallar car payment, I dish out 80 dallars every month for insurance and at any moment I could be called on to goe to war in which case I have 48 hours to be on the ship and less then a week to be at my destination putting rounds down range and killing me some Commies. I also have a 115 dallar payment for the contract that I have signed with a research and development firm to research and develop my invention and find an industry to mass produce it. So, if my theory is correct and my device is cheap enough to build then it is quite possible that I will be a millionare in the not too distant future. However, this is not my primary concern.(Although being rich is a nice thought) I am concerned with the development and implementation of my device for it will make a difference.


The Marine