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Remember to check your group email at *Epilot
there is a response sent to us from the Depalma Institute, and much more!

<A HREF=""A/>*Epilot

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E-mail me. I can't e-mail you. Says that you're at your quota at Excite, so you'll have to clean up your mailbox there before I can contact you.



I'm afraid you were mistaken when you announced
that TTI had "eGroups extension". Please delete the TTI eGroups or, at the
very least, remove all TTI content from that site (including our text,
polls, graphics and name). I'd appreciate if you cleared any such attempts
to expand the TTI with me in the future prior to doing so. I have offered to
sell you the TTI. If you should choose to buy it, you can do what you like
with it. Until then, please remember that I own the TTI brand and all it's


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