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The first PDF Is indecipherable to me. The second one is almost 600 pages and I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be gaining from this. Can you lay it out a little to give me a foothold?
Thanks for sharing!

The first PDF Is indecipherable to me. The second one is almost 600 pages and I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be gaining from this. Can you lay it out a little to give me a foothold?
The first PDF is archive data of genocide and military writings and accoutns from the first world War and it's stamped with the archives location of the documents. They are both held in the central Archives of the city of Yerevan Armenia and the Turkish embassy of Los Angeles California. Whom you know the Christian Genocide upon Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians done by the Ottoman Empire and they are documents such as citizenship forms, what militaries were able to cross several hundred thousand(400,000) Christians into safety. And the process of that safety lead by Generals of the Russian and Armenian decent such as General Andranik who was an Armenian general of the Russian Empire who saved many including my own personal family which also includes a will designated to the Turkish government of my own personal reparations and for the greater Armenian, Greek, Assyrian, Kurd and Yezdi diaspora who were displaced due to systematic displacement through genocide and human war crimes done by the Ottoman and Turkish regimes.
The second document is done to decipher a timeline which has yet been mathematically solved from the beginning of mankind into our current era.
Here, I will do a simple mathematical metric so you may find the perfect alignment of Biblical creation and it's timeliness completely running concurrent onto ours. I apologize that the 2nd PDF is difficult to comprehend but in it there are coded full truths about creation that only a person seeking to understand human history and theological perspective from first person account. It's a history from the 6th day of creation which Adam and Eve were into the exact year of the death of Noah and how long Adam and Eve truly lived indefinitely. It's difficult to grasp but I will write it out the best that I can so you may grasp the totality of the 599 pages context. It begins with the ending of page 32 and entering page 33 of the 2nd PDF. I wrote the PDF in a cryptographic form surrounding it with scriptures and verses, many different languages, so that the information is sealed within deep in the writing.
-930+912+905+910+895+962+365+969+777+950+2023-1056=7982-2023=5959BC +1056.

The first -930 represents Adam's part Earthly lifespan and the following numbers represent a climb through his descendants lifespans.

+912 Represents Seth
+905 Enosh
+910 Kenan
+895 Mahalalel
+962 Jared
+365 Enoch
+969 Methuselah
+777 Lamech
+950 Noah

+2023 represented the current year the work was written in.

-1056 represents the years between the time of Adam and the time of Noah... etc...
In total the equation within the PDF totals to humanity having a traceable life span of 4,539,990,956 through the idea that a Biblical Garden of Eden existed in the beginning and the fact that Adam is made on the 6th day of the 4,540,000,000 radiological dating of the planet. A place where life flourished while the planet was forming all around it. Bringing a forming evolution happening outside of the garden while bringing an indefinite conscious life already being alive within it's own protected environment of indefinite time. Making the theory of evolution run concurrent with creationism all by the plans and timelines all versed biblically.
In final, the work from the second PDF if read correct and with proper study will find that evolution, though occurring for the Animal kingdom did not occur for the human being and that from the age of microcell biology evolving in the early primordial state of the planet into what lead to the existence of dinosaurs and the creatures of the sea, the beasts of the land and fowl of the air, which develop in the survival instinct that they were made with, that concurrently and parallel mankind existed except instead of evolving, the fall of mankind was unevolving through sin and the actions of which lead to the Biblical downfall of mankind. If man was perfect image of God before he fell, he could only fall down by spiraling and unevolving into something that is not perfect until all of the theological prophets, certain archaic fathers and times where up until the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, where he made man whole again in his teachings.
The rapid evolution of the last 2000 years compared to the age where man had fallen to caveman status is attributed here.
I hope this helps in your understanding and answers your questions that you had.
Remember, this is a work which makes Creationism and Evolutionary theory run concurrent to one another instead of saying which one is right which one is wrong. My work argues that man use logic of the evidence that's been written in front of their faces for thousands of years already of a book that covers from the Beginning to the Ending in a literal manner.
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