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Please ignore all posts made by tazberg and tazberg2 he is merely trying to annoy me by threatening to post personal information on me and dymenzionz please delete all posts by tazberg that give out my info.
thank you
Chaos let me ask you something? Do you really expect anyone here to take you seriously?

So Tazberg is trying to annoy you? And your so perfect, huh? You wouldn't think about annoying others???

Look everyone, I am getting sick of this. I have warned you all before.

Anybody posting *ANY* personal information about *ANYONE* *INCLUDING* *THEMSELVES* *ON THIS BOARD* will have their account deleted and IP banned.

Just discuss Time Travel in a civil manner without all this crap. PLEASE!

***If you want to discuss things on a more personal level, email the person in question.***

If they don't have their email address available, please respect their right of privacy!

PLEASE take your petty arguments to another board, or even better the very primative Yahoo Chat. Go here where you can slag eachother off as much as you want, and there is no Administrator nor Gudie to throw you out.

Have a nice day.

"Omnia Vincit Amor"

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