"The future ain't what it used to be."

Techical notes on Pleiadeans and discliamer relations:



The areas that have perked me up, as a bid ambassador are these situations and statments by the Billy Meier FIGU orginization.

These are statements by Ptaah, (Sem-ya-zee's father) stateing within this writings within the FIGU web site, that; " While I am aware of author Barbra Marcinack's writings, I feel that she is not contacting any Pleiadeans and is delusional within her writings".

Not and exact quote, however pretty much to this effects.

AND the recient statements to the effects, that, "The Pleiadeans were stealing Earth human DNA, in order to hide it from the Grays"!, which again is posted within the FIGU web sites, under forum discussions.

There are many, many problems here, and I must state these, as it is writen within Gary Kinder's book, Light Years, that the Grays had come here with the Pleiadeans in 1975, as part of an ambassadorial prose.

This is written within Kinder's book.

Now the Pleiadeans which are lucidly based near the Meir Farm are saying such items, as stealing the DNA matter to hide it from the Grays, when they had been affileaited with the Grays all a long.

I'm sorry statements to this effect, do not make any sence.

Secondly Marcinack is very correct in what she had said within Earth The Pleiadean Keys.

A number of events said in Marciancks book, such as our sun being a mild varible star, have also be verified by Ed Dames who does group R.V. techniques.*Dames is U.S. Armed Forces trained at this art.

So obviously, the Pleiadeans come here openly in 1975, say outerspace is great and that we are realtied to you, "which I belive", however now all change their stories.

What gives.?

Another item I had found was the unwillingness of the Pleiadeans to let their faces be photogrpahed, however only their bodies.

This is given in the universe-people.com web site, under photographic evidence, the picture of the Pleiadean Cosmonaut holding a ray-gun, while dressed in a silver foil looking outfit.

Note this design of ray-gun, is a teathered appartatus, which connects to a back-pack.

The vewry old stile Atlantian gem wrist ray-guns, also had back-packs, however the fireing head, was a large crystal, which a power teather cord went to the back-pack.

The Atlantians would stage raids on neighboring collonies, and attack with these types of weapons.

Both Billy Meier and myself have memeories of useing these tyeps of weapons and in real time.We swung our arms to trained on a target, however there being no apparatrus placed on the arms, promted by cellular memeory.

Gary Voss had past memories of also performing magic, which was probably true, as he had come from the old Atlantian aerostocracy, within Atlantis.

"I regretfully remember people being inside of a white stuckoed house, with wooden beams for the roof and hitting this house with a top wrist mounted gem ray beam".

The insides of the house instantly burst into flame and the people being burnt alive, screaming in the mid day sun as they all died.

My mind set then, was like I was doped or under some sort of mind control.It seemed to memeory, that my instructed actions, were truly not my own.

When I saw the move Atlantis The Lost Continent, a 1960's made movie, the part in the movie where the Atlantians had placed lower animal DNA into captured Atlantian slaves, so they could make them work harder, I became very, very guilty.

Over and over again, this was a past existance phenominon, which to this day, I appologise very strongly, for not only the past Atlantian's doings.

However the lack of any apparent appology, by the Atlantian sect of the Pleiadeans, which is the Meier affileation does not seem to be present, nor that they had are are doing anything that is at all wrong, or in moral error?!

A poster on this board, had said, that the truth is exposed within the first eye to eye contact meeting.

I feel that this statment is not only true, however what also comes out, is thre real intention held within the eyes, which in the Pleiadeans case, is both fear and deception and also takeing part within our stollen DNA.

This is not easy for me to say this, as they are my known realtives in dulaity, since my 1982 change.

TO CAT:You don't understand dear' I am not either joined or lauded by the Pleiadeans, nor thier heiarchy.

It is only my link within the twin's phase, that naturally joins me to Pleiadean Cosmonaut Semjase.

This is a twin's natural joining leftover from past Atlantian ties, within collonies established by Atlantis, prior to the sinking of this past continent.

These were cells of a twin's nature and the rejoining process, was one of a natural, not contrived nature.

The twin's link in the toughest of all to break, however I do posess a exceptional knowlege of E.T.s in general.

This is why I have made an open ambassadors bid and filled out all the necessary papers in challange, as well as publishments.

I do know other sorts of E.T.s off by heart and would like this position as an offworld ambassador.

Note that I have no R.V. telepahtic or other concerns which would violate your privacy.

Your aehter space is your own and of no concern to me.

Your attempt to access parts of my domacile, put you into another strucure that I have lived in some four year ago, in time.

The person you had imaged however, was definatly not me, this was someone else and I would be careful, as this whoever might be an unscrupiously charicter.

Again, the domacile was right, like four years ago, however the person, no' this was not me and your off within your reading.

I'm sorry, CAT????


I just want to know one thing?

You have belonged to this forum for over 2 years and are diligently dedicated to it. You post things that most people have no clue about? You say that I have to knowledge of culture. Yet I have lived with all walks of life and been around the world twice, and not to mention being on the brink of death. I have lived commune style and worked my @ss off at farming and irrigation down to hand picking weeds in a field as far as the eye can stretch. I worked with CEO's, Attorneys, Doctors, Scientists, phycologists, law inforcement, Rabbis, Pastors, Priests and have water baloon fights with the neighborhood rascals and at present work with some of the wealthiest people that own half the state of Wisconsin! I encounter prominent people throughout most of my day that I have to deal and communicate with on a constant nonstop basis, Including a retarded man that walks around town backwards and a homeless lady that rides her bicycle with the virgin mary on her handlebars! AND YOU TELL ME I HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE OF CULTURE? I have the ability to communicate with the lowest forms of life while on the other hand I can converse with kings and queens! And you would be surprised at what I know about alien life! I am a diversified person! Why do you think I don't understand you?

I'll tell you right now, I don't approve of you in the ways that you have blatantly revealed and violated me in your postings!

But I do have moments of softness and concern aside from the hard core bitch I've been to you in my postings! And I'm wondering why have you hung on here, and out of curiosity what is your INTEREST IN SEEKING OUT INDIVIDUALS THAT CORRESPOND TO THIS FORUM?


Please note to my realtives only wherever they may all be:

There has been the space of years that has seperaited me from some of you?

Techically I am not the same person you knew when I was with you when I was younger and at home.

As I had said to the others, I went through some changes in the early eighties and physically and mentially am not the same any more, as compaired to how you knew me then.

On my claims, in reality, I DID write over three presidents and Congress, so asking for the forsaid position, that I had bid for.

This was not any move to act against you as my realitves, to embarase you all, or to pull off a hoax.

My said past connections are real and my written bid for the said position of an off-world ambassador, was real.

The reason I had to come out about this bid and informationm published about myself, is that this was the expected written protocol and I had wanted to do this.

I have kidded around here at About.com.

This was kidding only and I'm not a lecherous beast, that preys on others, outside of normal male intrest, "whatever that is now-a-days at the date of this posting".

I have always been intrested in space and space exploration.

I feel as a society that there is a good chance we as a civilzation might not survive without space travel.

So colonization and as part of this new directional move, the meetings of aleady known cultures, and already written about alien contacts and an appointed ambassador, is part of this process.

This is what I had wanted to do. I am sorry if I had hurt anyone, however by nature this was and is my direction that I had wanted to try for in life.

The Andromedia Council, which is one of the major off-world civilizations, says that the contact protocols, must involve some level of approval, of that planet's organized government.

This is said within the Wendelle C. Steven's UFO E.T. collection of off-world series books.

Thank you all, to my relatives and I'm sorry to any embarrasment that I may have caused you.

Truly Dan, aleias Creedo299, now a defunct member of this board.
I'm not saying that the length of your post is taxing my attention span but this is all i got from it:

"The areas that have perked me up, as a bid ambassador are these situations and statments by the Billy Meier FIGU orginization.
These are statements by Ptaah, (Sem-ya-zee's father) staxexxg wxxxn thxx writings wixxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxting any Pleiadeans and is delusionxx xxxher writings". xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx it's all bells and whistles from here on out my friend.........