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polyphase warp harmonic fied array,warp drive continuum booster , zero time generator.
Are those words from Star Trek: The Next Generation? I think they're the steps needed for this operation, aren't they?
Dear E-TAC,

Please Explain further the Poly Phase Harmonic Field Array Warp Drive Continuum Zero time Generator.

Everything that you have stated in this statement is of a cohesive logic concerning the particular subject of temperal based device. So if you would please go into more detail about your idea. However, I would consider protecting your intellectual property legally before posting about it. Also a warning. If you blert it out openly all over the internet you could lose your patent rights to the generator because the knowlege then becomes a manner of public domain and cannot be patented.

Good Luck and be wise with whatever knowlege you possess.

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---Edwin G. Schasteen
I came across with a dictionary, and got to this conclusion, if I'm right: 1-polyphase warp harmonic field array: (capability to control course or position) 2-warp drive continuum booster: (capability to maintain condition stable) 3-zero time generator: (capability to supply continuosly) If the purpose was to give an idea, I don't understand why it should be kept in secrect. That is not a good way if we all want progress. Let's not think as individuals, having support from those that may help.
You are possibly correct on this,

But I would retain control of anything that I put out there to ensure that it does not fall into the wrong hands emediately. For as a good friend of mine pointed out," we know that eventually these things will fall into the wrong hands, but we must make sure that by the time it does, the greater majority of good people also have the technology and therefore still lends us the upper hand against tyrrony.


Edwin G. Schasteen