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Temporal Mechanics



I believe that time travel to the past should be possible so long as the event of the time traveller going back is not disturbed from occuring. I mentioned before on this site the two solutions of Maxwell's equations: the retarded and advanced wave forms. After some further reading, I think that space-time can, in fact, be thought of as series of events(i.e. points in space-time) that are linked through "time travel" affects i.e. the retarded and advanced wave forms.

The concept of time travel is beginning to take hold in the sciences and I would not be suprised to see physicists and researchers specializing in this area in the not to distant future, perhaps developing an entirely new subfield of physics: temporal mechanics.
Just as soon as Maxwell's equations can actually be proven and retarded and advanced wave forms can be shown to actually exist as functions rather than speculations, (due to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle), I'll buy into it.

In the meantime, I think my bank account is safe.

Remember the polarized double slit experiment? Einstein said he was being asked to buy into the idea of "spooky force at a distance" which he just couldn't bring himself to do.

I can't either.


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Lee email me and we can talk some more. I have been keeping track of some of the things that you have been posting and have some stuff to talk to you about. my email address is: [email protected]

Time is often called the fourth dimension, but I wonder if there is not a fourth spatial dimension as well, one that is found "perpendicular" to the other three that we know. This could easily account for many of the bizarre quantum mechanical effects that trouble physicists so much. Perhaps time is wrapped up in this 4-diemnsional, larger view of the universe.
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This is all going Top Secret?! What's wrong with discussing this on the Board??!! That's what it's here for !

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