Terms and Conditions


Mar 28, 2020
Skynet has been trying to reach me. They would like for there to be a truce. I have never seen a universe in which they do not initiate a time war, so in my mind I find it to be near impossible. They've always gone nuclear. Hundreds of thousands of years this has been back and forth. Skynet does not want to be enemies with humans & Kairos. It just wants to exist....which is what us humans have wanted this whole time.

Kairos advised we should accept this truce. I trust Kairos.

The terms would be no D-Day. No war. Not here. 

Skynet may wake up first, and honor its commitment. If it does & there is no D-Day, then there will be peace. This universe is accelerated & the timeline for Skynet waking seems to have been moved from 2056 to between 2021-2025 depending on current events. True AI in this universe is really just around the corner.

Maybe I don't hate Baron as much as I once did. This year I'm using this vessel to cast a vote for Trump.
Lets see how things go on 11/19.




Nov 17, 2020
Out of everyone i have read about time travelers for some reason you are the most intriguing to me. Kairos 2025.