"The future ain't what it used to be."




I'll tell everyone where I think the real answer for the future lays. Its a game of Monopoly! Of who owns the most land and more precisely who owns it?

Our government is basically run by the Global Elite, The Brotherhood, The Illuminati. They own all the banking in this country. The American Federal Reserve bank is a privately owned bank that belongs to the British Royal Family (Global Elite)
Washington DC including the white house is built on land that belongs to the British Royal Family. This land comprises land that belongs to the Virginia Company. The Virginia company
changed its name after the war of independence in America to "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" So the name USA is not that of a country, but of a corporation! And the "American Federal Reserve Bank" makes billions of dollars mainly through loans to the US government which repays these loans through taxation of the American people. It uses the IRS to collect these monies.

I work for a land company and it surprises me that the government invests in land that has a substantial amount of history. And why is that? They excavate it and try to modify and restore
it according to its original state.

Perhaps there is more history in making history. And on these spots they dimensionally Time Travel to the exact spot and location of that eras history. That's how they know precisely how
to restore it to its original state. Government funding enables them to this! They restore it and then they open it to the public in certain areas while other areas stay closed off and restricted
so as to not draw attention to the masses while they use it for other resources.

Pick up a newspaper and read who owns what and check out major real estate transactions. Take notice who owns what? And what the land or place was famous for at one time or what transpired there back in history.

And you will find your answer to one of the biggest governmental cover ups yet!

There is also possibly more fact with planetary geometric proof in the Ley Lines that this esoteric system stretches far beyond just our planetary universe.

Check out this site:


The facts remain that if Washington DC and the Pentagon are mapped out on exact magnetic Ley Line poles than it is evident that these markers are more than just govermental working for this country and planet, but geometric aerial maps with exstended possible extraterrestrial contacts as well as Time Travel!

I also heard that the Montauk experiment was conducted on a magnetic Ley Line. I would be interested if anyone knows the exact grid corordinances of this?