the boot superstring theory

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first put "superstrings" in your browser and read up on them, go a head, i'll wait................
......ok, that's long enough. now that you are completely confused let me tell you my personal superstring theory. if you have done your research like i asked, you'll know that there is a plethora of string theories, they all range from 10 dimensions to 26 dimensions. open strings, closed strings, m theory, double-spin, blah, blah, blah. it's all to confusing for the bootster. since i'm not a genius like most of the posters here, all that string theory stuff is over my head, so i made up my own: remember that we have always observed things as 3 dimensional perspective, it is hard to observe or notice any of the other dimensions using our senses. for instance, you drive down a highway in the desert for 20 miles, it's one of those real straight ones that disappear into the distance. you drive the mentioned 20 miles, you have gone in a straight line right? wrong, observing from our 3-D perspective it seems straight, but actually you have driven in a curve because of the curvature of the earth. a corkscrew because of the spin of the planet and all types of whacky patterns when you cnsider the direction you are driving when you take in the added dimensions of our planet rotating around the sun and solor system spinning around the galaxy shapes... o.k. keeping the unobservableness of multidimension from our 3-D perspective, think of infinite number of strings that are infinate in length and sub molecular in width. these strings (all string theroies i've read about are between 10-D and 26-D) are at least 10 dimensional. they are separated by infinate number of universes (imagine a reem of paper with a string running right though the middle of it, the sheets of paper are "universes"). inside our universe our portion of the string you are looking at looks like a particle. if, for instance, you can see an electron, no matter what angle you look at it,it looks like you can see all sides of it. because of the constraints of our 3-D senses we can only see the "slice" of the superstring. remember it is at least 10-D and we cannot see the portions that are not in our universe. everybody understand?..... week the boot heel theory.
Cellery String Theory;

Ok you drive down a strait highway at 80mph for 3.5 hours, you then roll to a stop on the shoulder. Close your eyes and you will feel liike you are going backwards. Now for the scientific part. Get out the pasengers side and lay face down. Since you are still "going backward" you will now begin to float off the ground.
The effect wears off in less than 4 minutes so be carefull.

Oh yeah, don't forget to watch for the roadside rattle snake. There are of course only one or two snakes in the entire desert but somehow they always seem get to where you're going first.

How, you may ask, does this tie in with the string theory thread. How can I pass this bit of amusement off as a TT posting? Ok, ok, I'm still trying to figure out that part of the theory.
the "straight road" senerio is a setup to explain the observation problems of the casual observer when viewing a superstring. it was a lead-in to my string theory. it is not part of the theory, just an example how we can't perceive the other dimensions.

super string is a physics theory, t.t. is a physics theory. superstring deals with multidimensions, t.t. deals with multidimensions. it has every thing to do with t.t. i'm sorry you didn't see that, you're not very bright are you?

have you posted anything yet that is remotely connected with t.t. yourself? i haven't seen it.
"The bootlaces are tied together theory"

>>>have I posted anything remotely connected to time travel <<

No, I suppose not. But then I'll bet that you haven't tried my formula for flying yet either.

Ok, so I over reacted. I have a strong aversion to strings especially those in the key of G........but I won't bore you with that story.

Actually doc, I *am* that casual observer you are so worried about. "Observation IS reality."

>>>you're not very bright are you<<<

Well duh! Why do you think they call me SHADOW??????
I'm not sure what your trying to say, let me guess and you tell me if I'm right:

Your saying that we, and scientists should re-evaluate our stance on "super string theory" because our observation of it is biased? Our persepctive on super string is limited?

Tell me if that's correct.

If my perception of what your trying to say is correct, let me explain something for you.

Superstring theory is only a theory. Just a like a blackhole, it has never been observed. This means we cannot look at it. It's one and ultimate purpose is: to unify general relativity and quantum physics. Super string theory was born on this idea alone. Currently it is more of an ideal than it is science(similiar to religion) Since we cannot observe it, and it exists only in our minds; our perception of it is not flawed since super string does not exist.

Please reply ^_^