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Anyone familiar with the CHRONOLOGY PROTECTION CONJECTURE? That the laws of physics conspire to PREVENT Time Travel by macroscopic objects. Its a reason why we should not inquire into the nature of going where no sane man has gone before! It goes something like this,

The existence of virtual particles that are going to and fro, here and there, backwards and forwards either side of our Present Time, escape our senses and we continue on our way into tomorrow
without to much diffuculty, except for maybe perceptual feelings of reality here and there about Time. It has
been shown that the warping of space time can produce fluctuations that can open under certain conditions port holes or
worm holes that would project a body that enters into the past
or future. You ride upon a warp into the past and appear
as a virtual traveller/same as virtual particle except on a scale that is enormous! upon arrival into the past your presence
causes a huge ripple in the space time history of the past.
As you travel technically faster than light your presence or your matter wave spreads outwards in a continuious crest repeling everything that is or was the past dissapears instantly along with everbodies history. This wave is projecting faster than light and soon it will begin to have consequences for the present. The "normal virtual photons" that are currently providing stability to our present time would start to reverberate and collapse our space time as the projecting wave from the past compressess their movement. Technically they remain here in the present longer than they are needed. The mystifying problem becomes apparent that this is how the universe is instructed at continuing expansion of gravitational collapse. The big bang and the big crunch.

In theory Time Travel is most unlikely to take place naturaly in the universe because any size particle that goes into the future or past will tip the balance of gravitational stability. But there are some who are using the SECRET CODE IN PHYSICS and knowingly jeopardizing not only our present time but the whole of the future of every concievable species.

Wasn't that brought up by Hawking?

Anyway, have you not read 'The Holographic Universe'?
Hopefully, some humans would realize what they are doing if time travel is ever invented!

But then, still, some think of forces as being separate from us, which is impossible, when one gets down to the very small!
Got light, electrons annihilate and photons are the results!

Got matter, when gone, the results are photons!

Got forces -- you preceive everything through frequencies of wavelengths -- you should just be a connected hologram with the rest of the holomovement in the continuum!
Yes I am familiar with the book and the theories on three dimensional images projected into space with the aid of a laser. Along with the study of neurophysiology and the understanding of the brain. Its Believed that the universe itself may be a giant hologram literally a kind of image or construct created by the
human mind. Its a new perspective of looking at the universe and can explain many unsolved puzzles of physics, helping to bridge the artificial gap that has opened up between mind and matter and the rest of the multiverse.

But lets suppose that there is already a cartographic construct in place mapping the multiverse of all its dimentions? Where would one conceive to find evidance of this, have any clues???