The concept of Time


Temporal Novice
Apologies if this has been pursued elsewhere in this forum (I looked but couldn't see).
Strictly speaking, I have in mind 2 topics under this heading.
First off, local means local to you alone (ie in your head, in your perception). The obvious example of this is the experience of deja vu (which I think has been touched on indirectly in other discussions).
This non-sequential experiencing of time, a disjunction of cause and effect, has probably been experienced by most of us at some stage to varying degrees of immediacy or vividness. This could be viewed as a looping in time, a repeat of time and is a form of travel. Such an experience causes us to question what the nature of time might be but it resolves little, as it is only the personal perception, unverifiable.
However, point two expands outwards from this somewhat. What I was wondering was, is it conceivable or possible that time is, or could be considered as, a purely local phenomenon? The film 'Groudhog Day' illustrated the principle: time looped but only for a section of the populace.
What if time does not just loop, but alters within a narrow geographical area? Would the people know or recognise it and, if it could be conceived as happening, is it possible then to conceive of time itself as a purely local effect?
Following from this, if time is something local and independent of anything else, why is it not possible to have small eddies of time swirling around and altering things, or is that happening and we are unaware of it?
A possible analogy would be that of the 'collective unconcious' which is within us all but not really something of which we are, or choose to be, aware. In other words, is our conception of time the real restriction on our understanding of it and are we inevitably bound to it so tightly (possibly through our own mental constructs) as to make it impossible to move (mentally) outside it and study it in the same way that we can, for instance, study language, creating new ones, studying old ones etc..
I realise I have thrown up a large number of questions but hope they will go in interesting directions.
Time dispacement in a certain area or for one person. Okay, start with the first one. If the area in which there is a time displacement was small say 20'x20' forest would be noticable, especially if you kept seeing a bird flying from point A to point B then reappearing at point A. Unless you walk into that area then you would be caught in the temperal loop and it wouldn't be noted because you would be stuck in the same frame of mind. As for the groundhog day person, that person would have to be picked up out of time and travel back to remember each different outcome, from the start of the day to the end. I believe for that to happen the person would be creating an alternate timeline at each end of the day. This would explain how he would remember the previous timeline and be able to create a entirely new history just for that day.
I brainstormed since last night and found another idea. Take a piece of string. At one end you have the beginnning and at the other you have the end of time. Now put a loop in it. At the point where the string(time)connects, time flows smoothly as nothing has happened. But look at the loop. That is a piece of time which is left out and locked in on itself. By this theory then anyone stuck in that loop would not be noticed because time would continue normally for those outside of the loop. Boy, if you had to live one moment over and over, what moment would that be. Yeck.