The Constitution of Alternate Worlds


Quantum Scribe
Friends of TR125.0121

For a time now the discussion on alternate worlds has been a favorite one here on the Forum. I would like to present my thought on the subject.

What we call universes are in fact alternate quantum realities. What this mean is that for every possible outcome there is a possible universe where that event took place. Up to here I think there should be no grudge against my view. Besides it is compatible to the thought on the subject by my dear friend Niels.

Nonetheless for one particular reality there are an infinite number of pseudo realities that stem forth from the parent reality. An example of this would be the number 1 and the number 2. The number 1 in this example is a parent reality as well as the number 2. However there are an infinite amount of decimals between the 1 and the 2. This infinite amount of decimals are the pseudo realities of 1. Each combination a different possible outcome of the 1 reality. Yet there is another reality completely different from 1, that is the reality of 2. Where things could have been different from the start, where there was no roman empire or Atlantis never vanished. TTA I am not stating that Atlantis ever existed, Ok.

This Pseudo realities as a result to temporal and quantum mechanics developed lesser realities were infinite possibilities revolved and permuted themselves, resulting in a myriad alternate universes where history or even life as we fathom it is completely different.

All this realities are arranged by a number of chronotrons, which are temporal particles that gauge the passage of time. Where are they then? They find themselves at the very center of the Prime Temporal Point. All joined as a web or lattice by the Coronal Tubes.

This Coronal Tubes are surprisingly similar to the theoretical wormholes of our scientists here on Earth. The only difference is that they lack an event horizon, they simply exist joined to the reality as an ever encompassing tube around the universe it surrounds. As you can all imagine this coronal tubes are to be excedingly massive and dense. In themselves being the curvature of time/space.

Thus are formed quantum clusters of sibling realities, realities where every single chioce taken was completely different,resulting in a very distinct chronological timeline and realities were the universe even manifested in very confusing ways, giving out conditions where life as we know it are simply impossible.

As always is open for the debate.
Until later becomes now.
Re: Personal

How many realities or parallel worlds/universes are there you can't say their is only one or two and what is the best method to time travel with machine or mind? Does philosophy accept science or are they different in a sense or not? Why do you think time travel is going on now? Is the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project real or fake and Did you ever see these two incidents or events in your life time? So your saying space travel will not ever happen here on our planet I believe we will accomplish it somehow because what I believe was the moon landing was fake and Nasa faked it because their is no way that the astrounants could of landed on the moon because of radiation and such they would of burned up! Do you live on an parallel universe/world or earth itself? Don't worry I am not going to track your location or anything like that I just want too know that's all! Can you tell me anything about our near future or is that a secret? You said that teleportation will happen in the 25th century is this true or false and do our scientists discover it or do scientists from a parallel universe/world discover it or already have it? one more question because I am boring you already what is these cornol tubes and temporal point you refer too? When does life end here on earth and when is the world coming to an end? if you don't want to answer this question then that is fine with me but if you answer all of my questions it would really help me out!
Re:General realtivlty violation.

In Transiet 001's statement in the state of the universe, he states that the reality that we are in, is the main bud reality and all others follow.
Re: Personal

Friend Frog

According to the scientist of this Earth, there are an infinite number of realities, that is what they call multiverse. However what I have found is somewhat different from this. In any event there are always 360 alternate parent realities (PA) present in the Stream or PTP. Each one of this PA in turn have an infinite number of realities that stem from the main one. Thus you might have TR316.0012 through TR316.9912 and all being different universes based on the main reality of 316.

As for the best method of time travel....I suppose that it depends on the needs of the actual timetraveler himself/herself. If its desire is to survey the past or the future or an alternate world it would simply use some of the many timephasing techniques or if it does wants to make its prescence a little bit more noticed it would use some time traveling devise, thus visiting the alternate timeline in a more physical form.

Concerning the two experiments that you mention I have only heard of one , The Philadelphia Experiment. And to be honest I really doubt the validity of this one. By that time Earth's scientist were still figuring how to make a radio smaller and to make a simple computing/calculating device smaller than a difference engine. I really doubt they had the actual technology to engage into such a venture. Even if they were using reverse engeneering on some supoposedly capture UFO I do not think they were capable of understanding what they were really doing. I do believe it was more about the UFO/ALIEN craze that was taking over the heart of the people in those days. However I am not attacking anyone, It is my opinion and the possibility to change is infinite.

I am not saying that we will not achieve space travel, I only said that we will not do it for another 452 years. And even then it will be done for militaristic purposes not really available for the common man.

Although yes there are an impressive amount of alternate Earths I do live here on this one TR125.0121. I like it here, this TR is an interdicted temporal zone and that makes things much more simpler. What I said about transmaterialization, Transmat, is real as far as I am concerned. It will be discovered by Earth's scientist after they do a little more travelling into the stars and figure out how the universe really works. However, in some other worlds, not Earths, is being employed already.

Coronal tubes are massive neutron star vortixes-like occurrences of the universe. They link realities. You could read some more about it on our posts on the Prime Temporal Point. It is here on this web page. Reagrding your question about the end of life on Earth I could only tell you that it will take place a very, very, very long time from now. When our Sun makes it impossible to live here, sometime after it had swallowed up Mercury and Venus. And that will not take place for another 5 billion years. So do not worry, on the mean time lets make of this Earth a better place, for you and yours.

Until later becomes now.
Re:General realtivlty violation.

Friend Creedo

You misunderstood me, that is not what I am trying to convey to you in this forum. This reality is the 121th version of the Parent Reality 125. Simple arithmethics would tell you that 1 comes much much sooner than 125. So as you can clearly see we stem from a reality that is not the original one. Besides you would not like it back on TR001.0000. Too cold.

Until later becomes now.
Re:No\' let\'s peg you right here sport.

You had intimaited realities as lesser realities.

This means then youi agree in some way, that this reality is one of the leader realites, then don't you?

Of course you do Tran001.

I had said this long ago, as all of a sudden you and Friend CAT got into the jewish discussion, of how pronounciations and the effect of the scriptic Hebrew letters in Tohoraic, has a certain effect on humans DNA.

Yes this is good and I'm amaized however by my said something digresses.
I'll tell you what this is.

There is an infraction sighted within Betty Andreasson Luca's first book.

This was the infraction in site, that the members of the Quazga sect, did so delibretly attempt to abduct a human, to take with them to the God cave, lociated benith the oceans here on Earth.

There was a point as relaied from an eyewitness there, that when the man who the Quazgas were trying to abduct, broke down hysterically and started to cry. One of the sect members said to the other, "We have got the wong impresse.

They let him go at this point and did not, attempt to take this man to their silver sphere ship.

The Angelic heiarchies, through their orders not being understood, made a detention violation and if this violation is found out by the general public, then a new set of rules take place.

These rules were encourged by a 1960s administration, if you figure hard enough, you will find this.

There was another violation made and this was by someone within the U.S. structure of government who had ordered a Sikorsky Heilocopter, to buzz Mrs. Luca's house.

If I was the person who had given the orders to let that heilo harrass Mrs. Luca and knew then what Mrs. Luca was involved in, "whether it cost me my shoulder boards or not", I would have never, ever given those order for that Blackhawlk to harrass Mrs. Luca.

Do you have any idea what your dealing with here, when you try to spin a new reality, or the forces involved here?

Do you have any inkeling at all?
Re:What are talking about

Friend Creedo

Whether a Temporal Reality is more important than other it is of no conscecuence nor importance to me. All I do is observe, record and catalogue. Yes, as a structure, it might be said that there are Temporal Realities that are parent to others, but this does not account to a parent reality being more important than a stem reality. In my experience stem realities have richer historical contents than parent realities. However this does not convert them in more important than others. This is not the case at all. Only temporal politicians care about such things, I simply observe, record and catalogue.

As for what you are really trying to explain about some abduction, I beg your pardon but I frankly do not understand. Could you please be more specific?

For the last part, I am not trying to spin a new reality, nor harrass any forces. If you are trying to warn me, thanks, but I have had my share of dark agents, alien invaders, extradimensional evils and one or two ruling denizens from the Outer Dimensions. Besides, We observers are never alone, we have each other to count on.

Until later becomes now.
Re:What are talking about

Try the main cristian judeaic God?

I see what your trying to do is control everything, however what I'm sure your going to find, is that you can talk your way out of this one.

The thing is, is that certain controls are set to man by this God.This is done in a certain way.

I feel that you are delusional and would make little sence, even if you tried.

To M.O.P.Creedo leaves this string, due to the evasive tactics of Transient 001.
RStill making no sense

Friend Creedo of TR125.0121

Old chap I am not interested in control, To control has never been a part of my priorities in this incarnation nor any other. However I find fascinating that whenever I post a reply to your comments you answer them with still more information that poses now significance to me, in other words I know not what you are reffering to.

About certain controls being set to mankind by a God, well I do not know, I was of the impression that mankind made its own destiny, otherwise why bother with existence. The God I know of, yes it set out some Laws, that were to be followed, but these Laws were not imposed to mankind.

Regarding me being delusional.... Let us leave that to a mental health professional to decide, that is of course if you do not mind.

However the most interesting thing about all this is that at first when we met on the forum you liked my ideas up to the point when I refused to tell you anything else about the Hourglass and its crew. That really makes me wonder.

Finally I do not think I have been evasive, as a matter of fact I thought I have come forward pretty honest with all of you.

Hope to hear from you soon and as always.... until later becomes now.
Re: Resources web and library

To verify source, enter in the words Betty Andreasson Luca, or Betty Luca, within most serch engines.

First book, by Betty Andreasson Luca, in her two book Andreasson Affair sereies of books, find refernce to man being stopped by beings known to be from Quazga sect, who are subAngelic helpers.

With one of the first two books, you will find wrongly abducted man.

This act set change in directional pressidents, as when man in his heiarchy is indiciated that there is some level of failability in Angelic heiarchies, then this means augmentation of society.

This means from this point on, that man should move into space without fail.This is by our ownb power, the right to become part of the galactic community on our own.

Any agency regardless of who they are, that attempts to obsrtuct these means of change, risk going against the entire God Angelic Heiarchies.

Regardless of who you are, this is all I have to say.
Re: Oh Is that what you were talking about?

Friend Creedo

Thanks for clarifying it a little.

Well Creedo it seems that nobody told that angel-cult people you are talking about that Earth is already part of the Galactic Community. Not as a world member, of course, but as an independent world candidate. As you can imagine our representation there is very limited and the two representatives that we are allowed to do not even have the right to vote, they simply have presential rights and the right to gather with other community memebers. However you will be amazed by knowing who these representatives really are.

This has been taking place for years now in this TR125.0121, but that does not mean that we will have access to space travel any sooner.

As far as I am concerned it only assures our governments that the development of this Earth will not be hampered by the intrusion of any other races. However as it always happens with big governments versus small ones, they set several conditions to this arrangement. For example the permission to randomly abduct people from this world, to use our planet vicinities as an outpost and some other even stranger ones.

One more thing, what does Beni Malachim are doing interested whether man reaches space or not. I really have to question that, the last time I heard they were all investing their efforts in some other aspects of lifekind.

Hope to have been of help.

Until later becomes now.
Re: Calirification

That sentance structure should read, the last sentance, "What does the Beni Malachim care as to whether or not Earth based mankind, reaches space or not"?

That is an interogative, so must be structured as such.

When man was designed, this was a product of many influences, both from the E.T. and Angelic realms, covewring both the physical as well as spiritual.

Lucifer had infractred and I'm sure that God had planned it this way, so that man would fall as he did into a distance between the two sects.

All the Beni Malachim acts within this responce, is to some level of infractation, within the second of the Luca books, so as to indicate to Earth held heiarchies, that they know we know are able to understand where Earth people stand.

That is all.

He so who would obstruct these indications and futher instructions, does so squarely place themselves, in the way of the Judeao christian God and the Angelic heiarchies.

Regardless of what that obstruction should be, if there is a heldance against man, then one opposes the Anglic heiarchies and must atone to that consortium for their interfearance against man.

The very same thing as the Egyptians obstrcting the early Jews from leaving Egypt.

"Let my people go"!

Does that ring a bell and look how badly the Egyptians had sufferd going against God?
Re: Calirification

Well, Well, Well Friend Creedo

I think I am starting to understand what you are talking about.

You are actually suggesting that the human based life here on Earth TR125.0121 was genetically altered by extra terrestrial entities, possibly life forms from other worlds and possibly beings from other dimensions. are more correct than you think, then again you might not.

However this is a fact I will not refute nor validate. Too much at stake at the present moment.

But it comes to my mind a piece of Shakespear´s Macbeth, "Oh man, how so like Gods". And indeed we surely are.

I was just being rethorical, please take no offense.

Until later becomes now.
Re: Resources web and library

In reference to the discourse now ongoing between Creedo & Transient:

I do not see where Transient brought up the concept of human abduction. Perhaps what Transient was talking about reminded Creedo of this Luca book that he has read.

I think he just wants a little more information and explanation as why Creedo has brought the subject up.

As to the "Hourglass", what a beautiful name for a ship, a time travelling ship none-the-less. Who wouldn't want to know more about it. Sounds like an excellent impetus for a television series to me! Haha heehee! (Not to discredit the disclosure, Maybe Transient shouldn't have teased our curiousity with this tidbit of knowledge? Lest we cry for more!)

I for one would like to know about the crew of the Hourglass? Any tidbits forthcoming, Transient?

Much joy,
Re: Oh Is that what you were talking about?

Dear Friend Transient,

Per: "However you will be amazed by knowing who these representatives really are."

Ooh, ooh, ooh, please do tell??? Are these folks living presently? World leaders? Or maybe Buddha, or Gandhi, or Benjamin Franklin? Oh yes, must be Leonardo (da Vinci) maybe? Maybe Isaac Newton? Or maybe John Lennon? Why is it I can think as so many "dead folks" that would be worthy, and very few if any living world leaders?

I am being jestful and silly, but very curious none-the-less.

What would be the harm in stating who they are? The only ones that would take you seriously are the ones that have the heart to believe anyway?

My personal living candidates:????? The Dalai Llama, maybe Pope Johh Paul (just cause of the historical files), or Bill Clinton (hey, he's been looking for something to do now anyway), Mandella maybe, or maybe it's someone really wrong for the job like, gulp, George W??? Scarey isn't it?

Where do these intergalactic councilpersons meet? I can ony imagine.

"The appropriateness of chance is astounding"
Re: The Hourglass

Friend Persephone

For a while now I have been refising to speak anything else about the Hourglass, but since you have asked to know something more about it in such a nice way I think I will yield and say some more.

The Hourglass, a time ship, as you said is indeed wonderful to behold. It is donut shaped and it is nearly 1500 feet in diameter. I remember when its hull was bronze colored but over the time it has taken on a greenish hue to it.

The vessel is automated and its on board computer is named HG. Do not go thinking like I did when I first met it. I thought it had been named like that after H.G. Wells the author of The Timemachine. No it was simpler than that. It was named so because of Hour and Glass, HG.

Its crew is a formidable one, and its captain is an intriguing woman in her fifties. Strong yet sensible and very, very, very smart indeed.

The ship was created to observe the temporal lanes and keep their timeline secure from unwanted incurssions from other temporal shipters. And finally its power source is the most outstanding, is a drive that travels between the Alpha and Omega points of the Universe. But this is enough for now, but you will surely heard something more about the ship and its crew because most of my observations have been gathered by them.