The Constitution of Time


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For quite sometime now I have seen that the discussion of time travel, temporal manipulation and timephasing, to include myself, had just stayed at the build machine-let us get there level. But how about trying to learn more about time itself, what is it made of, the structure of time/space and how time would react to time travellers.

Give it a thought, maybe understaning the medium humans would all like to travel into would give humanity an edge on the theme of temporal mechanics.

At least it worked for those who wanted to conquer the seas, the air and space. Remember the Greeks and their boats, the Americans and their flying vessels, the Russians and their rockets. We would all learn a lot by studying in to what are we all trying to put a machine in to.

Until later becomes now.
You are absolutly right, it is amazing how little is known about time. The problem is, how can you study something that won't stand still. It would take a life time to study a life time. I've looked in four libraries and the most I haven't found more than a paragraphe on time itself in one place. One paragraph stated that time is a part of space, and that it was the fourth dimension. Another said time might not exist. Nothing more. If anyone has had better luck finding information on time I would love it if you shared it with me.
I think time is like a slinky and earth is that slinky of time you measure the earth from start to finish it would look speeded up like a slinky moving through space.

That would mean travelling through time on earth is not straight line every time you go forward and back the slinky stays the same but what is on the slinky changes.

The sun moves through space curving as it moves the earth move curving around the sun and people move on earth you have 3 motion of time in one day.

I am thinking out aloud because i would like to here your comments on what i have said.

I also feel that our mineds store memories in our brains the same way, what we see is stored like a slinky Information packed in tight so we can fit more in. Chemical slinky stored on organic tissue.

So the piont to this is : What i see may not be what you see.
Our memories are all different. And what about a blind person how does time travel effect him or her what piont would time travel be to that person they cannot see the past but only here it or feel it.
And what about a person who cannot hear how would time travel effect that person.
If they could not hear the past could that have an effect.

Maybe one day the blind and deaf will be able to have a turn at time travel.
and maybe the people less able to achive this dream will get a turn.
I hope so.
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I tend to agree with the general opinion that time does exist but not in the form that we are all used to experience it. What we all call time is not time, but the actual manifestation of the concept. We measure the passing of the concept as actual "TIME", but what is that concept? What is it made off? Well It depends on the point of view of the observer.

In my observations I have come to the conclusion that the Concept of Time, and not its effect on our reality, is an ever expanding energy form that it behaves differently depending on the dimension of reality that the observer is in. This concept then could be experienced, provided that the observer has the required equipment, in at least five different constructs of reality.
For example the first construct its is composed of but one dimension, in this construct (C1) this energy form is not present at all, thus there is nothingness taking place here. In C2, which is composed of but two dimensions alone the concept of time, the energy form creates a pattern that moves back and forth. A perpetual re-enacment of those primeval realities is taking place. In C3, a construct composed of four dimensions, is that this energy form begins to behave as we all experience it. However the energy form also begind to occilate from C1 and C2 creating something similar to an ever expanding Gabriel's Horn effect. By the way this is the construct that we find ourselves right now. C4 is much more interesting. This construct actually allows for a sort of curvature on the gabriel's horn ever expanding rim, making it crumble upon itself endlessly, creating an n-number of folds. Upon these limitless folds of the energy form is that quatum realities are born. The effect of the energy form in this Construct tends to coagulate the energy form as it moves towards our subjective future creating for the first "time" the lattice of Space/Time. Finally we arrive to the fifth construct, C5, in this realm is when/where the entire scope of this multiversal energy form has ran far and wide eternally and had coagulated, leaving behind the inert realm of the Prime Temporal Point.

Until later becomes now.
Re Relative Perspectives

Friend Blair of EarthTR125.0121

Well time moves in a straight line according to our very own point of perspective. However that is not so outside the frame of realities. Even so, there are points in this multiverse where time moves faster/slower according to the observer. However, should you move past the frame of our multiverse and look at it from outside you would be the witness of a very peculiar event.

Time would be at a stand still. Nothing would be moving, yet everything would seem to have moved.

Until later becomes now.
Re: Re Relative Perspectives

Perhaps I'm not following the original question Transient, but it seems to me that Time was created by humans in order to measure the passing of...time. But obviously there is something else there to travel through, but I think Time is commonly thought of as the passing of years and months instead of something concrete.

When you ask what it's made of etc, the answer to that to me is nothing, its more an idea or a theory than a tangible thing.

I do believe in Time Travel and what not but it's not so much on the basis of time as it is something else. What that is I'm not so sure yet.

I apologize as my thoughts are jumbled and it's hard to get them out in words. Let me know what you think Transient.
Uh... Yea I agree with the little knowledge thing

Man, no one knows about time because we can't go to it and study or dissect it. (without killing the universe thus killing ourselves.) Anyway though, I had a thought what if the expansion of space (look at the expanding raisin bread model) was the same in time as it is in space. That is that time would physically grow older and younger at a continous rate thus actually proving to a certain extent that christians who believe that the earth is 5000 years old <b>were</b> right a couple of billion of years ago. Sounds sort of odd eh? Well, the point is I also belive that overunity exists as well. It does <b>TRUST ME</b>... But, I dont have a lot of time or energy to explain. Gotta play Starcraft Broodwar Ya know? Anyway for the record, energy that is created flies back to the beggining and to the end of the universe simultaneously thus satisfying thermodynamics and also allowing overunity devices. :D Confused yet? /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif Anyway, time also expands like the raisin model making the universe grow older and younger in perspective to itself. "Just because the proportion of time is the same does not mean that its been the same time." for example the earth may have existed for 1/200 of the universe but if the universe were 20000000000000000 then the earth would have existed for 100000000000000 years. Kinky huh? Well goodbye and see you yesteryear! Commandersisko Hey Hey kids!, tune in next week for black holes, THEY SUCK!
Re: EMIT TIME for a chance

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The idea that you put forth is quite interesting and infact it was concieved also by the today not so well known physicist Keith Maxwell Hardy. He defines his theory as The Theory of Distance-Time. In his model he speaks of positive and negative times, relative to a primary event, how events define a whole new concept of particle imprint in space/time and explains how his model is much more accurate than the special relativistic model of today.
You can find his work on the internet. It is quite fascinating.

Until later becomes now.
Re: The Constitution of Time and Space

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Continuing with my observations I would like to add that the conglomerate of constructs from C1 to C5 have a distinct and very interesting form of grouping themselves. To begin with one must understand that this model exists within a sixteenth dimensional universe with geometrical laws that fall outside the regular euclidean principles, however there are several make ups that tend to be "universal" in themselves.

The first two constructs C1 and C2, since they do not actually manifest in a physical sense as they are nothingness and temporal momentum, they do not form an intrinsic part of the other three. However as one approaches the third construct, which is a four dimensional reality the observer can find a general triangular process. When the fourth construct is taken into account and united with the C3 we one will observe that this new eight dimensional reality has already triangular process taking place inside a cuadrangular realm. This will yield a combination of decahedronal processes taking place inside a junction of twelve dimensions. Going a little farther and traversing to the fifth Construct, a sixteenth dimensional with pentahedrical process, the observer finds then that reality indeed have become a twenty-eighth dimensionality with dodecahedrical processes taking place.

However 28 dimensions with 22 processes is not complete, we must add C1 and C2, this would yield a reality with 32 dimensions and 25 processes. The importance of this is that once the observer understands the true meaning of these 32 dimensions one could avail oneself of a very personal timephasing device.

The most interesting about all this is that the ancient scientists of this world uncovered this concept at least five thousand years ago. The sad part about it is that only but a handful ever achieved sixteenth dimensionality, as opposed to many other worlds were these states are taught as soon as the child is ready to harbor the concepts. Perhaps we are still children among the stars.

Until later becomes now.