The Dodleston Messages


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It’s not often that I come across a story that seems new to me, but I found one tonight:

This story was never covered on the original TTI forums (the archives return nothing for “dodleston”), but it looks like @Wind7 found this same video a few months ago over on Paranormalis.

The gist of the story is this:

In December 1984, Ken Webster and his two housemates were living an ordinary life in the peaceful village of Dodleston. Until one night when they returned from a cozy evening at the pub to find their cottage windows glowing with an unsettling green light. Upon entry into their home, what awaited them was nothing short of otherworldly - on the computer screen sat a message meant for all three by name!

With each passing month more and more messages appeared unbeknownst to any internet connection or even anyone being present in the house that day…until one fateful afternoon when Ken took it upon himself to reply back; utterly unaware if this supernatural event is just some cruel hoax or something far greater than he could ever begin imagining…

I don’t know what to make of this story, but I absolutely love it. Watch the video for sure, The Why Files does an outstanding job of conveying the story and breaking down the different components of it.

Ken Webster wrote a book about his experiences called The Vertical Plane which you can find here:

I ordered this a short moment ago, and will let you know what more I find out once I read it.

Has anyone ever heard of this story? I find it amazing a site like TTI has never had it mentioned in almost 30 years of being online.
It’s a very entertaining story, but it does read like complete fiction. I bought the book too and had a blast. If anything happened at all, then it might have been someone messing with their Micro computer.

The Nostalgia Nerd on YT has a very good video covering the tale:

Agreed, it’s a fun story but a story nonetheless. I believe everything and nothing at the same time so I mostly just love the ideas these tales put in your mind. The eternal “what if?” game is good for the mind.

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