The Embers of Time


Amid the hum of time’s flow,
Besides the C204, John’s glow.
Cigar in hand, He defines the ticking clock.
A fusion of past and future, A true blessing.

With each exhale, smoke and secrets.
Smoke and time intertwined.
A dance of dimensions.
A divine voyage beyond the veil.

Within the C204’s heart, the embers of time itself.
The sparks of history, a radiant dream.
At its core, the ages shine.
Guide John’s odyssey through what we may never know.

Ancient stories, glowing red bright.
The symphony of ages, so many secrets.
A combination of memories and aspirations.
Infinite dreams, out there.

The sparks of bygone eras,
The C204’s holy embrace, a beacon of light.
Through the smoke, a time traveler’s silhouette,
Moving through history, past, and future.


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