The fear of broadening the understanding


Temporal Novice
If one attepts such a progect as time travel, the suggested theories are that it is in fact extremly dangerous to the balnce whihc our present time operates on. Therefore the idea of time travel becomes a fruitless effort, for the individual experince would never be shared with any other, as the present timeline would continue, with all the recorded history in place, while the time traveller interacts with a new timeline.
SO why the fear? If one works outside these boundaries, and understands the 'relative' risks, then perhaps in the continued exploration one could find a manner in whihc to interact with his original timeline.
What theories are out there that would allow for the interaction of moving back, then forward again, into the present timeline, wiht all knowledge of the events that have taken place? How, could one allow for the chain of events to take place to let the individual return, with the new element of history? Or is it even a concern?
The thoery suggest that those who attempt, may ifact be hitorical anarchist, with no cosideration for the cause and effect of their actions. I suggest that in order to progress, some revoluiton must take place, and revolution is often violent in nature. We, as a race, shall never learn the advatages of time displacement and travel if we do not at least atempt. I do not suggest floundering around, however, what is out there, what guide of morale ethics obligates one not to attempt such journies. ALl though the obvious is the limitations in the vehicle itself (there appears no positive proof of one). And, would the motivation be lost in attempting to build a machine if the events of the past in fact change.
An interesting point, as portrayed in th Movie, the Time Machine (the most recent) is that the motivation to build would be lost, if the event that took place to motivate one in the first place was replaced with another (in the movies case, the individual would never had built the time machine if his love had not died, and therefore, could not alter the past, due to the fact he had built the time machine, to return, whihc he would not have done if the event had changed). Therefore, such theories, actualy focus on the mental ability of the individual. The fear, is the lack of mental concentration and will. Couod it not be said, if one wills something, that it may happen? Could time travel be so connected with the mental will of the individual, that we folly in exploring only hte external interations of the problem, when we must also concentrate on the conditioning of the mind.
such an individual of changing the past, would have to be of such focus and character, as to be able to balance the will and force of theevents occuring around him. We limit ourselves constantly, when in fact we should explore the breaches in the limits and expand the boxes whihc we confine ourselves to.
I truely hope I'm braeking some inter-galatic law of some sort. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/devil.gif