"The future ain't what it used to be."

The first step is time manipulation?



What if you were to alter the rate of an organisms' vibrating particles, make this an isolated case so that you could observe the result. Imagine that one kind of elements particles on this earth vibrated at a certain rate and and others have their own rate too that may or may not differ(I'm being vague because I'm not usually interested in physics or time travel enough to have read up on all or really any of the different theories). Imagine that the rate of the vibration of particles in this world alters all the time but is not noticible because all particles rate of vibration alter to match/ in harmony, this could be happening all the time. How many times has the universe or this solar system been in suspended animation and then snapped out of it by another alteration? sub note:
if this kind of warping of motion happened would this help prove the theory of an ever physically stretching and contracting universe?

By this method time travel in to the future would be made possible but you would become exempt from almost all events if not all during the time you were isolated. You could be suspended and freeze but you could not travel backwards. Once you have travelled forwards there is no way back.
With this method there might also exist unpredictability at the speed you exist in relation to everything else if warping of rate of vibration of particles does happen all the time. I suppose you could prove the warping of rate of vibration by time manipulation by noticing that the speed of everything else changes. But, only if the changes were noticable to the human eye or a definate freeze/suspension of evetything else occured and lasted long enough to notice. I suppose though that if you could develop a time manipulation device you would have by then also have invented sensitive intruments that record the vibration of particles. I think that the first time travel that we(humans) instigate would, if possible, be made to occur at a short period of time ie, an hour, a period that at the end of we could collect data recorded. This, to collect more accurate results, would be repeated many times. All that would be needed is to isolate an instrument that records rate of vibrating particles. At the moment were time manipulation is not possible such an instrument would be useless as it is in harmony with all other rates of vibration.
uselesness explained:imgine a car travelling at 10mph down a road, then a warp of vibration occurs, this warp will change the speed at which the car is traveling but will not be noticed by the speedometer because the speedometer is in harmony with the cars change of speed exactly.
There are flaws in my theory because if massive warps occur then the thing isolated might eventually travel slower than the rest of the universe, there will have to be a way that the time traveller could re-harmonise with the rest of the universe when it's rate matches the time travellers'.