"The future ain't what it used to be."

The Fourth deminsion


I once heard a time travel theory that I'd like to share with you all and get your opinions on the possibility. It was explained to me like this... Draw a three dimensional cube on a piece of paper. Then look closely at it. By adjusting your eyes, you can change the way you see the image. You can look at it with dimension, flat, it can appear as though you are looking at the side of a clear cube and it can appear like you are looking at the top of a clear cube and your perspective can even change as you blink. Each perspective can only be seen by it self. I once heard that if the human eye \ mind see all of the views at once, the person would in essence be in the fourth dimension, hence would have traveled time or a fourth dimension. Does that make any sense? I understand what the person was trying to say to me but I don't see how that would relate to time travel. Any thoughts?
Wouldn't quantum processing be something like this.. because one thing can represent like 64 different states at the same time... I thought I read that somewhere.