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The Fractal Organization of Nature


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The following excerpt comes from John A. Gowan's paper whose title is the subject line.

"A General Systems model of the Universe is presented, based on a fractal paradigm. A 4x3 "metric" or fractal algorithm is proposed as the organizing principle of the microphysical, biophysical, and astrophysical realms. The algorithm is expressed through the families of elementary particles, the dimensions of spacetime, the quantum rules of the atomic order, the structure of the baryon, alpha particle, carbon atom, and DNA, the genetic code, gravitation, and the nucleosynthetic pathway. The human mind has discovered this order both intuitively and rationally, where it finds expression in the 4x3 patterns of mythological, occult, religious, and scientific "world systems" and cosmologies."

For those of you who do NOT think I am "full of it" when I discuss the relationships between fractals, chaos, information, energy and our Matrix of Massive SpaceTime, I would encourage you to review the many other papers from Mr. Gowan on the referenced site. I would especially point you to his Tetrahedral Model paper that approaches the integration of energy and information from a Systems Theory approach.

Another good excerpt from Mr. Gowan's website:

"The Universal Present Moment of Light

The statement that light is everywhere simultaneously in its own reference frame is difficult to understand - how can light be everywhere simultaneously if the Universe is billions of light years across? The basis of the apparently outrageous assertion is that "velocity c" is a metric symmetry condition or "gauge" of light's "non-local" character which is mathematically defined by Einstein as light's "Interval = zero". Einstein discovered that light has no time dimension and no spatial dimension ("x") in the direction of its propagation - therefore, in its own reference frame, we see that both distance and time are meaningless to light: light has forever to go nowhere, hence light's velocity is effectively "infinite".

In our stationary reference frame (the reference frame of immobile matter), we see light moving with a finite velocity. And yet this finite velocity is very strange and unlike any other velocity in that not only can no massive object achieve it, it is independent of the (unaccelerated) motion of the source or receiver. Furthermore, as we approach light speed, our clock slows down, so that we find in fact that even human astronauts could travel across the known Universe within a normal lifetime. Small wonder, then, that light can travel across the Universe instantaneously - in its own reference frame.

These facts should give us pause to reexamine our ordinary experience of spacetime. The most important fact to note is that without exception we experience nothing but a "present moment" which is forever poised between a receding past and an onrushing future. If we travel to the stars we will travel only in the present moment and arrive and return only in the present moment. And likewise with light; light travels only in the present moment, but while a human's present moment has a spatial parameter associated with it (we are inevitably always "somewhere"), light's does not. Hence light is everywhere in the present moment.

When we see the galaxies billions of light years away, we nevertheless see them only in our present moment, and if we were to travel to them and back again, we would never leave the present moment - it would travel with us. And if we traveled at velocity c, there would be only one space and one present moment, not a sequence of them - and we would be everywhere simultaneously in spacetime, in the Universal Present Moment of light."

Very well put, I'd say! However, this understanding of the relationship between light and time does not bode well for any of our "friends" who claim to be physical time travelers.

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