"The future ain't what it used to be."

The Great Paradigm... *DELETED*

Re: Simply Amazing

My Dearest Friend CAT

This is utterly beautiful, I read that quote by DA the other day, when we were parlaying about the constellatory matrixes that we have found and indeed I think DA is right. I think that at this very moment lifekind is expecting us somewhere. The wonder of this is that people is starting to understand that science and religion are one and the same.

Until later becomes now.
Re: Simply Amazing

Thankyou for sharing that.
I have always wondered at the tunnel that everyone seems to go through when they die.
It is simply amazing that perhaps we are as stars after all.
when we die we simply shrink down to a blackhole going through the long tunnel
and exit out to another universe. I know that isnt right...but I feel it is close.
There is something to that...I just dont know what. (shrugs shoulders)

I know you all dont like Titor but he did say something that struck me as odd long ago.
he said "perhaps I am not the brightest singularity in the universe." he referred to
himself as a singularity.
Re: About Singularities

Friend Pamela

Once I was told that if we could properly see the constitution of our bodies we would see a great sprawling galaxy, filled with uncountable stars, these are the numerous atoms that make up our bodies.

It is because of this that we are miniature universes, singularities like Titor called himself. If we could properly align the many stars in our bodies and make them respond to the one will that we excert, we could very well perform astounding acts, namely timephase through time.

Just a thought.

Until later becomes now.
Re:, Pamela About Singularities

These access ways are not la'morte Pamela, however random raceways, from unstructured said black hole event, or naturally occuring otherwise and other place worm holes.

I do not know the Fourier of the CAD program and what was entered in, however wormic pathways, via these projections are shown rectangular.

This means via data only given within these projections, that the variant pathways are self scalier reciprecal.

The statments must say, within brackets, (what are the set of wormholes, that are non rectangular, via their natures); ASK Alc?

This is via Horowitz within the discussions from the 1980s investigaitive projecture group, et al, that black holes, do generate heat as an indication that black holes are twin or more folded, via their constructions.

So this means that worm hole events, are random peer, near, Monticarlo numbers, within issue and starting of their own said events?

So at what time does the injestion of raw matter into what non-digested fold, does so create the action of a worm hole?

This again is monticarlo and these are per said energy and random event quotents, as per peer digestion rates equals, So actions?

The other side of worm holes, must be rapid finger-like white holes, as configfured very much in similar fashion, to static eletrical discharges within their configurations.

These white holes MUST appear near any relativlty large planetary body of system, as an equalizer to the universal energy conservation balance.

This is so as in junctioned with the laws of thermodynamics, where one system can not infinatly take in energy or fule, within to that system, without some form of transfernace.

So therefor, whorm holes are well as white holes, must always be present within their actions, at what determined length, or duration?

This is conjecture in line with said man-made attempts, or natural function....? uuur-mmm bip burp?? /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif

Respects, TO' M. Bartsuiack and publishers.

Thank you.
Re:, Pamela Anderson jumps rope

Yeah CAT, howevewr the folks that are human that do this now, take upto six months to learn the technique.

If you go to flight, taking their soul continer with you, ya got to be in some cases radiation proof, must have extra elements within yur body and in some cases, a prewritten program, in order to help you get there?

I' /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gifm not sure here as there are only three sentients who use full body point to point, there are the Sonnases, Wizzards withcxes and shamens, of this dimension, gues, or other dimension domacile and certain tribes, who have slightly differing internal physiologies.

So if you want me to go to Alpha Centuri, for that special jar of Gafilta fish and be back before company seats,...hmmmm?
Re: The Great Paradigm...

Are we talking physical body or astral body travel?

("It takes the geometric form of a six pointed Star of David. When activated through a concentrated meditative breathing exercise the rotating fields of light begin to open.

The opening is a Worm Hole/Black Hole and we can accessing it to travel to alternate dimension and other worlds as well as distances right here on Earth.")
Big breast in the sunshine,..Red sails in the sun-

The singularity accroding to who's prose?

The scientific communities, or other values?

The term singularity is, traveling at an angle of incidents, to such a degree towards a central black hole density, that one innervades the constituancy as well as the charitcter of this ediface.

Now CAT remember when I came down to visit you?
And you always being like yourself, had changed yourself into a nine foot tall skinny person, with black frizzy hair, where I being my uasual self configured myself to resemble the form of a pigmey, that was crossed with a porcupine?

Well remember when you stood on Telegraph Hill, opend your mouth down to your waist and a small private plane flew out, followed by two birds, chased by a swarm of beees?

I reached up, held your hand and said you'd always be my friend!?

I'm gladd your true to you're school.

Remember TTA was there with us that day, six inches high, dressed in his black ninja outfit, attacking a miniture poodle's back leg, with a pointed cocktail stick?

I'm so gladd that we all kept our ourselves who we were and had stayed true to form.

I mean the next thing is that you'll have Time 02112 cruzin around the same place, as a red figure, from one of Sagan's alternate universes.

Almost a quarter of an inch high and full of trouble.

Are you sure that there are not nine of you, all writing at the same time?

I saw one of me the other day and this was more than I could possably handle.

CAT the tall skinny fat person which is beautiful and weird looking at the same time, weighs one hundred sixtyfive. three million tons?

The pastor said to me, if it's constantly changeing, then it ain't worth getting involved with, or it is a racket.

Panmorphism in people, is not
Re: The Great Paradigm in yonder-yoresham...

The older wizzard look at such contrivances and so did mutter, "This contrivance is not such a ship, however a wish to come true".

The elf look to the more expierenced asking, "What youre is this shore be placed, of this distant ville of yondersham"?

The elder wizzard pondered, did raise his index to the droop of his beard and replied"This only attainable by the sturdiest of crafts,..well' at least crafts made in these parts by starbuilders"?

The wizzard goes onto say, (within these forest, yee will find those who decieve, so trying to tend the issue and mission away..Hhmmmm; I dare say when you ride with the scrool is a days into and one day remaining, within these dark forbidding forest, you SHALL, know of what spectres I do refer to?

The elf rocked to the one side of his saddle and pondered the time was now 2 points, to where on this world, in four, that there would no longer be light.

At this time, his steed and he would dost rest, so tending a fire, And eating what dried meals, as the game was not good in there.

The wizzard carefully councled the young knight elf, "Hast thy be, in thy trade a most cautious venture and judge it not, no this journey as a testiment to thyn pride?!.....

When I was a lad and only learning to part the curtain of time matter and space, my teacher did say, "That this universe is yours, for you to do, with what forthright measures of the well learned trades yee dost learnith"~~

I say no young knight, go and hast thee be not of venture, within this mission as many who inhabbit this forest shall and will decieve, if you should give this permission...

Remember when good men and women at their sides, dost construct the biggest and fairest of these ships, then you shall know of thine mind's eye of wisdom, for goods and fare and not, be assembled upon the best of dreams.

CAT is really connecting the dots

WOW! Cat you are realy connecting the dots! I wish I was more familiar with the biblical/Hebrew references that you make. But I find that it really doesn't make that much difference in understanding what you are presenting.

Things just seem to be unfolding for us in these times. Like the London University anthropologist, Tudor Parfitt, who has been been tracking down the 10 lost tribes of Israel using human genetics and historical records (there was a episode on Nova about this). He makes a pretty strong case for most of his assertions. Who would have thought that genetic understanding could divulge our past as well as lead to our future?

I find the visual depictions wrought from CAT's mathematical animations intriguing...especially when she was able to freeze frame certain points and show similarities to these ancient scripts. How imaginative and insightful. Maybe all of our ancient characters can be traced to mathematical truths?

I had a vision once in which very early man was greeted by advanced outsiders, and taught things like how to make fire, how to share food as a community so as to survive collectively, how to heal one-another or come together and settle disputes without violence, and other things.

Maybe there have been teachers out there amongst us all the while. And each step forward feels like such a fantastic breakthrough! And yet it is just a step. makes life quite fulfilling. Something to be shared in the spirit of wonder.

The appropriateness of chance is astounding