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The invisible man

mokrie dela

Strange how if we can concieve of a movie plot a scientist can find a way to make it a reality. Today on the news they announced they found a way (at a Texas university) to render human skin invisible. The effect lasts only minutes but in that time they can view the inside of the body without opening it up. Not about time travel but too facinating to let pass by. A new way to gross out your friends. A new world of discoverys to boggle the mind.
Hey guys, this is my very first time posting a topic. Hey Pamela, don't let me down. I know your good for a great response!
Hey Mokrie,
I almost "fell off my chair" when I looked and the posting was from you!! hheheh.
been busy doing binaural experiments with Shaun so I haven't been posting here lately. fascinating thing binaural beats..very effective too!
anyway, did you see that movie "hollow man."
it was sorta like the invisible man movie.
did you remember the university name? maybe they would have an article up. I would like to hear more about it. do you remember if it was electric or chemical way to alter it?
I suppose it will be out in one of my science magazines. sounds like it would be very effective in the medical feild. maybe someone else here has heard of it??

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just another thought mokrie, I havent really read the article but i cannot imagine just what would be the benefits of making only the top layer of skin invisible .
there are MANY layers to the human body. I liked that movie the hollow man because it showed what you might see if something like that really happened. they had a lot of special effects in the movie. and as you could see you would only see the top muscular structure like in the movie if you only made the top layers of skin invisible and nothing else. benefits might be in seeing the tendons or ligaments where the muscle attaches to bone other than that what else could you see? torn muscles or torn tendons. well you might see superficial veins and main arteries....hmm

I say if your gonna do it....do it all! hehehe

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I THINK it was Texas A and M. It was'nt an article, it was a special report on the news. They implied that it was chemical an sort of top secret. What they said was they could see if there was cancer in the body. Now how much of the body gets transparent is not totally clear but it reminded me of the Hollow Man comming attractions I saw on t.v. I knew I could count on you for a good reply!
Ya Morkie, my jaw dropped when I came back here too! Good to see ya pitch in & start a new thread of your own

by the way it is not uncommon to know the close relationship between the US GVT & Hollywood, and their use of using movies to mentally desensitize the masses & stimulate their minds to think about "What If" while behind closed doors & miles underground, or inside a Mountain somwhere, it is not so much a matter of "what if" but "what's next"?
Time 02112, why are there so many people like yourself who believe the government operates deep underground or in a deep cave or whatever. Sure I could be wrong, but I believe, unless there is any evidence, that it could be possible that you are a bit paranoid.
One of the reasons they have underground structures is because solar storms wreak havoc on highly sensitive equipment and while the caverns don't themselves stop solar bombardment they do make it eisier to modify clean rooms to almost nullify the effects and they also make it easier to maintain a clean environment.


Oh C'mon now jth40...
even you know better, being "Paranoid" is simply one who possesses knowledge of the truth about what is really going on within their environment. Being oblivious to that is pure innocence, and perhaps ignorance is truly bliss!

However sometimes it is much easier to hide in plain sight, especially when you are among those who would not recognize the truth if it bit them on their nose!
Timeo2112, You are 100 percent right and it goes ALOT deeper then you think. I had "friends" whos job it was to desensitize and use disinformation. Washington D.C. itself has miles of honney comb like connecting tunnels, some of which are connected to the white house,capital and specific private homes. Also places like Norad in the Colorado Mts. are set up to sustain "specific" VIP's and the offspring they create for minimum 100 years underground in the event of war. People, jth40 included have'nt the slightest idea what is going on in the shadow world. I'm not paranoid either. I know first hand.
If you say so, I certainly don't wish to "rock" this website. Simply, I really don't care if the government likes caves or not. I only wish to seek the truth. I am much more interested in time travel, than reading all the what-not of how or why someone thinks the government is "watching" them.
Hell, I don't doubt that the US gov't is hiding things from the public; they have a history of stuff like that. But what makes it paranoia is when you start treating it as if it's an immediate threat to your safety, a whole other world created just beyond our ken, delving in mystical arts or whatever. Come on, they're not going to kill you or implant electrodes into your brain, or experiment on you. That's paranoia.

I'd like to know more about this Texas A&M invention... how was invisibility achieved? Offhand I haven't the foggiest of how this would work.
Hey Everyone!!! It blew my mind as well when I saw the news broadcast about the invention if invisible skin. The thing that caught my attention is that they said it only stays stable for a few moments and then becomes visible. Wheather they're being truthful about the stability duration is anyones guess. HMMMMMMM!!!!



Hey Everyone!!!!!!! It blew my mind as well when I saw the news report on the invention of invisible skin. The thing I found interesting is that they reported the skin only remeins stable for a few moments and then reappears. Whether or not they're being truthful about the stability of the skin is anyones guess.....HMMMMMM!!!!!!!




(Welcome Morkie!!!!!!!!)
Now I have to digress from invisible skin. Razmatazz as well as a few others got to me with the old song, it's got nothing to do with me....who cares what the govt does etc. It has everything to do with all of us. Not knowing what is going on around you is not half as dangerous as not caring. I could go on to give you specific examples but I get the distinct feeling that you much prefer to remain in a fantasy world where you are comfortable. Much like the movie The Matrix where most people could'nt stand seeing the world as it really is.