"The future ain't what it used to be."

The Matrix

Ahhh, but do not forget, my good friend, that there are others, others that we must...elimenate, shall i say, that might corrupt the Matrix. They must be destroyed FROM every corner of the know galaxies, wiped FROM everyone's memories, forever.......

The Matrix is real...

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Seifer51, dont make me get out of the Matix and kick your ass!

The Matrix is real...
Neo, stop fighting with those non-conforming "humans" and get back here!

We need to set off the EMP weapon and you still aren't here yet!
What part of the movie is not a fake? the only thing that is not fake is probably the buildings that were there!
Who are the o ther people? Your mom or your dad that is tied down to your bed and waiying for more sex
Welcome to all of you, i may not have made this, but i rule it, i am the corruption in the system, i am that glitch. combat is only a mere whisper of thought in my wake, stand aside and join me or you will see ow real the matrix really is.
I loved that movie but you are all too weird, though I can't wait for The Matrix Reloaded, it's gonna be awsome.

In the movie, poeple in the 21st century built computers, but they turned on them and started farming humans for fuel. They put them in a virtual world called the Matrix. But this brings up the question: How do we know whether we're in the real 2002 or the simulation?