The meaning of life (among other things)


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I know this doesn't exactly go with the topic of time travel, but I just want to voice my opinion. Humans are composed of nothing but flaws. Money, greed, inability to withstand time, need for sleep, food and water. If you take all of this you'll find that even computers can be considered a superior species than us(if they have a conscience). Anyway, the meaning of life I think is to enjoy it. Pretty much everything that humans do violates this. And you can't rate a mind by an IQ, or a college degree. I just wanted to tell you what I thought. That's all. If you have the time of day, tell me what you think.

Oh yeah, and to stay with the theme of time travel, I shall tell you this. If parallel universes do exist, then they would make time travel into the past obsolete, for you could just go to the universe that has the final results you want for this one(since every universe is different in a very slight way). Thank you for reading this and if you have any comments please don't be afraid to respond. THIS is all.

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Human beings are what they want to be and what they think they are.

I don't think there is a final result to any universe. They are open-ended and are always evolving.
What I meant about the parallel universe thing is this. If you didn't want the Civil War to occur, then you would have gone to the past and kept it from happening somehow. But if you could travel to other universes, then you could find one where someone made a choice that ended up keeping the Civil War from ever happening.
One thing that you must keep in mind when it comes to assessing the human race and that is that,"WE ARE NOT HUMAN BEINGS HAVING A SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE, WE ARE SPIRITUAL BEINGS HAVING A HUMAN EXPERIENCE.."

~ Draco
In the parallel universe scenario, there would be endless variations of the Civil War and endless variations where there was no Civil War. I don't think we can go back and change any of that, but maybe we can "visit" those various universes in a different form of time travel. We would have to leave our time line and enter another one.
What if one were to travel to a parallel universe and found a society of humans that was much smaller in population then the humans of this earth. What if at the same time in our dimension it was discovered by the study of genetics tha all humans were related and came form a single family or a single family and that it was imposibble for two families of humans to have existed in the past giving birth to the nations or atleast there was no genetic evidence for such a thing even though the possibility might exist. What if after finding these comclusions and realizing that we must somehow be related to the humans of the other dimension. Perhaps the humans in the other dimension being not quite as technically advanced as our own could not have built any time machines to traverse the void seperating the dimensions, none the less genetic samples conclude that the humans from that dimension came from our dimension. Perhaps it is discovered by analyzing the population that the humans in that dimension could not have existed there for more then five hundred years. What if among these peoples philosophers had developed a complex philosophy of laws of interdimensional travel and discovered that it was possible to travel into our dimension by traveling into a black hole where the spin velocity of the falling object and the forward acceleration is light speed resulting in an increase in the gravitational field of the mass to infinity and cetripital force of infinite. These forces are said to propel the object from that dimension into this one but through a black hole and that the only way to get from this dimension back into that one is by going back through the black hole but to do so is impossible for it would require the mass to break both light speed acceleration and to acquire a spin velocity greater then the speed of light. Thus the people of that dimensions say that it is possible to travel from that dimension into this one but impossible to travel into there own dimension from this one. And in addition they form a theory that there are an infinite number of dimensions that one can enter but never can one enter back into the dimension that one just came from. However the genetic evidence shows that they came from our dimension into that dimension to settle. It is determined that they entered their dimension from this one because the population and history is only five hundred years old. It is also determined that all the current theories are correct and that it is indeed impossible to travel into that dimension without breaking light speed and that they had to have traveled into that dimension by some geographical phenomenon. How did they enter the dimension?
I think that all dimensions are populated by the same people. Each dimension is a different probability (or time line), a different history of the same people.
Exactly NoTime. The reason they call them parallel universes is because they are all parallel to each other. Just that one thing that seperates all the universes could be big(cave men decided that it was too hard to invent fire, thus we all live in caves) or small(someone in California decided to vote for Al Gore than George W. Bush). Except one thing will always be the same. You and I and everyone else are there. Sure, we might have died at age 6 or we're terrorists in Russia, but physically, and probably personality-wise, we are still the same people. All universes are at the same time period as we are. All universes probably had their Big Bang at the same time.
If so then we must be seperated from ourselves in those dimensions by superluminal barrier and if this is so then superluminal universes that are superluminal relative to our view point but subluminal relative to their own veiw point must exist. It is just like the numerical paradox which is a bigger infinity the infinite set of even numbers, the infinite set of odd numbers, or both infinite sets added together. Atleast on first glance it might seem that all are the same size since, apparently infinity plus infinity is infinity. Maybe there is a constant velocity in all the universes that is the velocity oflight in each universe but what distinguishes a universe from another universe is that when measuring the velocity of an object in a parrallel universe the objects velocity when viewed from our stand point is the velocity of light in our universe plus the velocity of the object in the other universe. Our universe is contained and regulates itself their universe contains and regulates itself all universes exist in the same place at the same time but all the point in each universe only contact at a single infinitely small point which is constant ineach of the universes as a that seperates the space in that universe from the space in all other universes and also masses in the other universe from masses in all other universes. What seperates temperatures in that universe and all otheruniverses is absolute zero on the kelvin scale. Any measured temperature that is measured at below 0 kelvin is actually a measurement of a positive temperature of the same parrellel dimension tha exists beyond the center mass of each object and at a superluminal velocity. What distinguishes time in this dimension from time in that dimension is the velocity of light. At the velocity greater then light the velocity of mass of this entire universe is added to the velocity of the mass that still exists in this universe but transverse into the other universe by stretching the spacetime continuum into that universes domain and forcing that universe to stretch into this dimension. As a particle in this dimension acclerates to the velocity of light it gains energy to infinity. As a result a particle in the parallel dimension known as a tachyon gains energy and decelerates to the velocity of light relative to this universe and stationary to that universe. At the point a particle in this universe acclerates to the velocity of light the tachyon in the parallel dimension decelerates to the velocity of light an appears to become infinite as a result of both particle being forced to exist in the same place at the same time increasing the density of both particles to infinite. Thus as a mass in this dimension accelerates to the velocity of light the size of each of the universe relative to the particles decreases to zero thus the size of the universe is equil amount of mass contained in each particle times the inverse square of the sqaure of the velcity of both particles from the speed pf light? Can someone double check the math for me I am in a hurry and have to go I will think later and correct the mistake if there is one but I ask you to do the same.
I don't think that superluminal, temperature, or any other physical attribute has anything to do with it. I think that only human attributes are involved: mind, body, psyche, consciousness, intentions, expectations, etc are the mechanisms involved.

The time lines of our lives constantly cross the bounderies of parallel universes as we make choices in life. People who change careers are one example. But every large or small decision we make points us to another parallel universe. The choices we didn't take are still valid and could have been followed.
This is the differance between my theory of parallel universe and others although the others play an integral role. Mine theory does not displace or counteract the others only adds to the others to fulfil them. Actually not fulfill for there are hopefully many who will come after all of us and add to own theories to help formulate a more complete picture of existance. My theory states that there are definite parallel universes that are not a result of probability or choices. I believe that there is actually parallel spacetime mediums with forces and fields and matter. These universes are seperated by the interactions of energy between the and that these interactions of energy resulting counteracting works done are what give our universes rigidity and solid srructure that is to resist alteration. And form. I believe that the existance of these mediums is independing of there form and of the surface structure which is the probabilities acurring in the and also the forces. We therfore have two forms our universe the form of events which is the meaurment of all sets of actions within each universe and the four fundamental forces and more if there are any and there range. The fact that one can have an equil opposite interaction between the universes or unequal opposite interactions when these actions are seperated by an instant or more??? results in the border between these dimentions to assume its form and, conversely, the other universes seperated by this barrier to take their forms. There form is what determines the math and laws of physics that apply to them just as is true for more simple models then the universe such as shpere and cylinder. For a sphere uninvers will have different physical laws and history then a cylindrical universe.