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The Mysterious Thunderbird Photo Time Constant


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Allright, I'll be honest, this is a total stab in the dark...

Let us assume that there are two universes which are travelling along the same "world line" (ie - for all intents and purposes, the same universe), and then there happens to be, for some reason, a split. I propose that this split continues at a constant rate - that is they both get equally further away from this one worldline at the same rate. Now, what if these two seperate worldlines exhibit closeness at different "times" - that is, they reference eachother in history, but never touch (never intersect and become the same universe again). This could occur if both worldlines were moving in an ever increasing waveform, but their rate of seperation is quicker then the rate of expansion for the waveform.

Now, let us look at it from a different perspective. Imagine a ripple in a water caused by dropping a stone into a lake. Where the stone enters the water is the epicenter of the ripple. Now, take an event such as the Mysterious Thunderbird Photo. This is a photo, supposedly published in 1886 of a huge bird (supposedly actually a Terradactyl) in the Tombstone Epitaph with a story explaining its killing by two hunters. Then, this story is (actually factually) reprinted in 1892 in the Epitaph. It isn't until 1930 that the story itself was revived. Then in 1963 it is mentioned in Fate magazine that the story was published originally in 1886 with photo, and that the photo also appeared in several newspapers across the country. Then in 1969 the 1892 story was reprinted in Old West Magazine. In "the 1990's" (from my information), author John Keel insisted that the photo was indeed reprinted sometime in the 1960's in an Men's Old West-type magazine of the time. Also, in the 90's an author that I can not remember at the moment (this is from my own memory now...) suggested that perhaps the photo did exist in our universe until a split occured and now we are all living in the universe that does not have the Thunderbird Photo. This was perhaps said by John Keel himself, but I can not recall.

Taking this series of events we can see the reprinting in 1892 as the Epicenter of this universal split. Before then, let us assume that the photo of this captured thunderbird existed in our universe, but was not paid attention to (perhaps it was assumed a hoax). Then suddenly, in 1896, the story is "remembered" by our universe but not clearly enough for a photo to exist. It is forgotten sometime until 1930 when the whole thing is brought up again... this is our first "ripple".

................................1886 - 1891............................

199? 1969 1963 1930 1892 1930 1963 1969 199?

These ripples are seen as equidistant from eachother, even though the dates attached to them aren't. If this is the case, then in time-space the distance between 1892 and 1930 is equal to the distance between 1930 and 1963 (and equal to the rest of the distances, of course). This is the "Mysterious Thunderbird Photo Time Constant". However, for this to be true, one must assume that the story was published originally with photo in 1886. Perhaps we shall never know...
Creedo's gotta point. Although your theory sounds really good, I wouldn't take it from them. I mean, similarly, if aliens were to contact us... would they really be probing a guy who can't even read?