The nature of Appolyion as told in the bible

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Please note on the continuance of biblic telling and has the bible really ended?

In refrence to Dr. Anderson's request for a biblical clairency, as to what events will unfold with respects to a more moral expiermentation into time travel, I do offer the following notes on biblical prose.

These views are refered and to be analyised.

One as told by by bible schaller Chuck Misseler of Koinenia Houise Inc. ministyires, please note.

That by Torric translaitions, or words correctly decyphered from the anicent Dead Sea Schrools, that by the Hasidic or Hebew inflections of Ah', in ancient Hebrew, the nature of the Anti Christ, is Apployion.

And in the analysis of the pronounciation of Ah, there is futher telling, that this stile of determination of Applyion, as told in the bible, is that of probably a man, is is secretly powered by a demon?

This should be open to discussion for biblical schoolers on this point.

Thank you creedo 299